Jawbone Claims It Will Not Stop Making Wearables

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Jawbone, makers of the line of UP fitness trackers, was recently reported to be leaving the wearables market following rumors which stemmed from a report detailing that the company was selling off remaining stock of their UP 2, UP 3, and UP 4 fitness trackers to a third-party. Jawbone has issued a statement today which notes that the company is not going to stop making wearables, claiming that last week’s rumors are entirely false. At the time, with no confirmation from Jawbone on the matter and a couple of reports stating that Jawbone was selling remaining inventory of their fitness trackers and speakers, it was presumed that the reports were correct. Jawbone, however, assures consumers this is not the case.

While Jawbone’s time in the wearables space has not been easy lately, as it’s been filled with low sales compared to rival companies such as Fitbit, a company which they recently lost to in court over an injunction for Fitbit’s trackers, Jawbone points out that they remain wholly committed to the wearables market, highlighting that they plan to continue innovating in the space and continue making wearables products. What those products might be is unclear at the moment as Jawbone did not detail any specifics. For those that have been fans of Jawbone’s products, though, it would appear that the company will be offering other wearables in the future at some point.


Jawbone did not give much detail on the sales of remaining inventory, but they did state that they will continue to support their current wearables that are already in the marketplace, so any individuals who have a Jawbone tracker should see continued support from the company. While nothing is known about Jawbone’s future wearable’s plans, the company is excited over what they have to offer and says they’ll share details with the public when they’re ready, which may suggest that they could have something to show off to consumers sooner rather than later. Jawbone hasn’t had a new wearable for a while, but regardless of this particular detail, Jawbone remains a company with future ideas and products to offer to the public.