Is Meizu Getting Ready To Enter The VR Market?

Meizu Pro 6 AM AH 3

Meizu is one of the fastest growing China-based smartphone manufacturers, and they’ve released three smartphones thus far this year. The company has introduced the Meizu M3 and M3 Note mid-range units, and their PRO 6 flagship smartphone last month. That being said, Meizu is not only a smartphone manufacturer, they’ve also introduced a number of earphones and headphones up to this point, which is not surprising considering this company actually started off their journey by manufacturing mp3 players.

Having that in mind, it seems like Meizu is planning to expand their horizons and jump into VR, like many other companies out there. If you take a look at the image down below, you’ll get to see something really interesting, Meizu’s leaked VR infographic of sorts. Truth be said, this has not been officially released by the company, and we cannot confirm it is legit, but it sure looks like it. Now, if you take a closer look at the image, you’ll not only get to see the very cool looking VR headset, but also the ‘Future Lab’ branding. Now, this could be Meizu’s special department where they develop future tech or something of the sorts, at least it sounds like it.


The first VR headset showcased in this image actually resembles something we’ve seen in the Star Trek series, futuristic glasses LeVar Burton wore in Star Trek: Enterprise. These glasses look quite interesting, though maybe even too futuristic considering they’re so small. The second pair of VR glasses look far more believable however, they resemble Oculus Rift and HTC Vive to an extent. That is more or less it, all we can do at this point is wait for Meizu to confirm or deny this leak, if they choose to do either one, of course. It would be interesting to see what can Meizu offer in the VR market, though do keep in mind this company is still not on par with some of the largest tech companies out there, they’re still in the growth process, so we have to manage our expectations, that’s for sure. Either way, stay tuned, we’ll report back as soon as new info surfaces, as always.

Meizu VR infographic leak_1