I/O 2016: Closer Look (Inside & Out) At Google's Self-Driving Cars


Google as a company has many fingers in many pies. In fact, it is probably more appropriate nowadays to say Alphabet has many fingers in many pies. Especially since one of the benefits of creating Alphabet was the splintering off of Google from some of the other Alphabet entities. Allowing the more out-there companies to remain more… out-there. This means that you will now typically find some of the more novel ventures of Alphabet within its X division. Although, if recent reports are anything to go by, one of those which is considered to be an unusual line of interest, is getting closer to graduating out from Alphabet's X and into its own company, their self-driving car project.

In reality, it is not too surprising that the self-driving car is close to leaving the 'unusual' ranks, as although unusual, it is one which is becoming far more mainstream with more companies looking to get in on the autonomous action. Not to mention, Google's self-driving cars are also expanding and are now starting to cover more miles than even in the U.S. As a result and depending on where you are, it might not be too surprising to see one whizzing past you at some point in the future.


Of course, one place you can be assured that you will see a self-driving car is at Google I/O 2016. While navigating around the vast Mountain View complex, you will eventually bump into one of the self-driving cars, just like our man on the ground, Nick, did today. While he was there, he also did manage to take a few pictures to highlight not only how these autonomous automobiles look on the outside, but also what you can expect to see if you were sitting inside the vehicle too. While they might not look so spacious from afar, they do seem to offer a decent amount of room. Although part of the reason for that is the lack of the normal controls you would expect to find in a car. Either way, if you want to take a closer look at both the outside and the inside of a Google self-driving car, check out the gallery below.

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