More Images of the Gear Fit 2 Showing a Display Leak Out


Some time ago now, Samsung entered the fitness tracker world with the Gear Fit, a sort of spin-off from the Gear line of smartwatches – which has now grown to include the Gear S2 – and while that was a couple of years ago now, it seems like Samsung hasn't given up on this sector of the market. Now that Samsung has established the "Gear" moniker where wearable technology is concerned, with the likes of the Gear VR, it's no wonder that Samsung is willing to launch a Fitbit competitor once again. The Gear Fit 2 has already leaked out a number of times before – alongside a pair of totally wireless earbuds baring the Gear naming – and now we've got some images to look at.

Uncovered by the infamous Evan Blass, known famously as @evleaks on Twitter" this set of images (seen above) shows off the upcoming Gear Fit 2 in a trio of different colors. A black, purple and blue color option are seen in the pictures, which suggests Samsung is to launch the Gear Fit 2 in a number of color options, with more than just these options possible at launch. As well as this, a large display can be seen, taking up much of the front of the device, but whether or not it's going to be a curved display like the original Gear Fit and the Microsoft Band 2 remains to be seen. Regardless, it looks as though Samsung has also designed a more modern look for the software on their upcoming Gear Fit, perhaps to fit in line with the software found on the new Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge.


Fitness trackers have become big business for a lot of big brands, and while smartwatches continue to struggle to hit the mainstream, the average user seems more than happy to wear an activity tracker with some features of a smartwatch. Perhaps the Gear Fit 2 is to be a way for Samsung to offer a product for those users as well as keep on selling the Gear S2 to those looking for a full-blown smartwatch experience. An official announcement or launch of the Gear Fit 2 doesn't seem too far away, so we might not have long left to wait to see it hit shelves.

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