Huawei Jumping to 2K Displays for Virtual Reality


The differences between a 1080p or FHD display and a 2560×1440 resolution or QHD display aren't that large, especially to the human eye. As many have stated before, going from a 1080p display to a QHD display isn't a huge deal in use-cases but it does affect the processor and thus the battery life. Huawei, who is one of the larger handset makers out of China, has opted to stick with 1080p displays. As their CEO has stated before that QHD displays are unnecessary. Quoting the fact that for displays that are 6.5-inches or less, the human eye can't see a difference between the two resolutions.

Recently the company's CEO came out and said that smartphones from Huawei will be getting the 2K or QHD treatment this year. And the large reason as to why is due to virtual reality. You see with VR you have your phone much closer to your eyes, which means that you see more of the pixels than you would when you use your phone at a normal distance. Which is something that we can all agree on.


What's interesting here though is that the upcoming Honor V8 is due to have a QHD display. Which made people wonder why the recently announced Huawei P9 series didn't get the QHD treatment. According to Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei, the company didn't want to have that "gimmick" on the Huawei P9. Seeing as that phone is all about the dual-camera set up that they did with Leica, that was the main selling point or "gimmick" as some would say. He also is leading us to believe, based on his post on Chinese social media site, Weibo, that the company is going to keep these 2K displays on the Honor brand. Yu has also stated that his company has perfected the 2K display. While he didn't elaborate as to how, the company did also state that the Kirin 950 chipset can handle 2K displays and is also efficient.

The Honor V8 is due to be announced later this month. The device will be part of the "Honor" brand which means it will only be sold online – but that doesn't rule out whether it'll be available here in the US or not (see the Honor 5X). But we should know for sure pretty soon.

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