Huawei To Launch Daydream-based VR Devices Soon

Google IO Daydream AH 2

Google I/O has already brought a number of exciting new announcements from the Mountain View, California-based tech giant. While Day 1 of the conference saw Google come up with a number of interesting hardware and software-related announcements, one of the most eagerly-anticipated was the one regarding Google’s virtual reality platform, ‘Daydream’. Of course, with just about all tech companies worth their salt betting big on VR, one could not possibly have expected Google to stay far behind, but now that the company has made its plans regarding Daydream official, many Android OEMs are expected to latch onto the platform and announce their entry into the sector that’s expected to be the next big thing in consumer technology going forward.

That being the case, China’s Huawei Technologies has now announced its intention to embrace the new platform for its maiden foray into the exciting new world of virtual reality. The company on Wednesday came out with a press release to the effect, saying that it is “looking forward to working with Google and other global industry leaders to build an ecosystem and bring rich and compelling Daydream experiences to users through transformative innovations in VR devices, applications and content”. The company has also revealed that it plans to unveil VR devices based on Daydream by the end of this year. The devices will generally be powered by HiSilicon Kirin chipsets that are designed in-house by the Chinese telecom giant, but curiously, the company also says that it will be using high-end Qualcomm chips in some of those devices.


For all those who’re yet to get up to speed with everything that has been going on at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, Daydream is the search giant’s all-new virtual reality platform that will look to standardize mobile-based VR experience. The platform encompasses both the hardware and software aspects of VR, and the company expects Daydream-based VR headsets and controllers to be ready for primetime in a few weeks’ time. Either way, Huawei may be one of the very first companies to have officially announced its intention of joining the Daydream bandwagon, but it certainly isn’t the first one. Samsung, LG, Asus, HTC and a whole host of other companies have already jumped on the Daydream bandwagon, and more are expected to do so in the near future.