HoloChess Designer Brings The Game To Kickstarter

Most Star Wars fans will tell you that one of the set pieces for the original 1977 Star Wars film, Episode IV: A New Hope, is what appears to be a circular chess board in one of the rooms on the Millennium Falcon. Some more devoted fans may tell you that, according to in-universe lore, the board was commissioned by a certain furry hero, who was reportedly a champion player before his space adventuring days and was not keen on losing his edge during his travels with his bounty hunter friend. Among the glut of other Star Wars news coming out of the tech world with today being May the Fourth, or Star Wars Day, fans and Wookiees alike will be happy to know that a real-life version of celebrated in-universe game HoloChess is now on Kickstarter, courtesy of the man who created the original HoloChess scene in the movie, Phil Tippett.

The game on offer, called HoloGrid: Monster Battle, isn't quite at the state that Holochess was in when it was shown in the movie or featured in countless other pieces of Star Wars media, obviously; instead, it will begin life as a mobile game that can be used with physical goods like cards and a game board. Once the technology catches up in the virtual and augmented reality spaces, however, the plan is to use the framework laid out in the mobile game to bring the game to life in a manner very reminiscent of the HoloChess shown in the original film. Game studio HappyGiant will be helping with development.

As of this writing, the project still has 39 days to go and has $15,670 raised of its relatively modest $100,000 goal. Backers pledging between $3 and $24 will get a digital art pack and their name included in the game's backer list, but from $25 on up, backers can score a copy of the game for themselves when it's ready. The early bird $25 tier includes the game board, a device stand and a basic set of cards to play with. The $30 tier includes the same rewards. The $75 tier includes a T-shirt and digitally signed artwork from Phil Tippett. For $250 or more, backers can also get a 3D printed creature and their name shown under "Creature Masters" on the website. $1,500 or more nets two copies of the game, two plastic critters, a hand-signed box and the chance to name an in-game monster. The highest tier, sitting at $5,000, allows fans to nab four figurines, along with lunch and a tour with Phil Tippett, though travel is not included. A number of stretch goals are also on offer such as more platforms and remote multiplayer. Fans wanting multiple game copies in the lower tiers need only request them and pay $30 a pop. Check out the source link for the current status and full details.

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