Google's Daydream VR Platform Possibly Launching In November

Daydream VR Google IO AH 5

Daydream is literally the talk of the town when it comes to Google I/O 2016. While Google has touched upon Android TV, Android Wear, Android N and other bits and pieces, much of the focus remains on their take on what virtual reality for Android will be like. Although, it is still early, it is clear that Daydream will bring to the market a VR platform which will look to work harmoniously with the next version of Android, Android N. This includes an invitation to all manufacturers to bring their smartphones to market as ‘Daydream-ready’ and also to create their own Daydream-compatible headsets. Products which will make use of the connecting Daydream interface and a selection of VR apps that will be attainable through a dedicated VR version of Google Play. As you might expect with such a wide variety of hardware and software, it will take some time before the first consumer products begin to arrive for consumers. According to Google, it will be sometime in the fall.

Which is a little on the vague side. However, NetEase were one of the first developer firms to release a statement committing themselves to Daydream and noting that they will be bringing their virtual reality game Twilight Pioneers to the platform. While there has been a number of content providers like CNN releasing similar statements, what was most interesting about the one from NetEase is that their virtual reality game will be available in November of this year. According to the statement, along “with the launch of Daydream in November 2016.” So while Google has yet to announce a narrowing down of the month that Daydream will officially launch, it seems NetEase is confident the platform will launch in November 2016.


Although, as with anything like this, the suggested month could be incorrect or subject to change. Not to mention, that does not mean there won’t be multiple development announcements coming through in the meantime or that hardware and software for Daydream won’t be on show at IFA or even when the next Nexus event takes place. As such, between now and November, there will be plenty of Daydream information and announcements coming through.