Google's Daydream VR Introduces IMAX Movies To Phones

Google IO 2016 VR Cardboard AH NS

Google has just announced its new Daydream VR platform at its latest I/O conference which began yesterday at Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View. If you’re wondering that Daydream VR may just be another cheap virtual reality experiment like Cardboard, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. For a first among VR devices, Daydream VR will feature IMAX movies which you will be able to watch in a “virtual IMAX theatre” created on devices specially certified by Google. As of now, the only ‘certified’ device is Google’s own Nexus 6P flagship phone manufactured by Huawei, but Google has also announced that manufacturers like Samsung, HTC, ZTE, ASUS, Xiaomi and Alcatel will also make phones compatible with DayDream VR.

Before you get too excited about the concept, you must know that the IMAX content you will get to watch will most likely be traditional IMAX documentaries rather than movies, albeit offering a similar visual experience. However, we’ve heard that Hulu, HBO and Lionsgate may also add their content to Daydream and if they do, they’re likely to spice up the content a lot more than it will initially be. The IMAX content in question will be available on devices running the upcoming Android N operating system and Google’s strict certification program will require such devices to feature AMOLED screens given their faster pixel response time and lower refresh rates compared to dedicated VR headsets. Google’s Daydream VR is in fact a lot more than just a virtual IMAX theatre. Future phones running Android N and featuring AMOLED screens will be able to play VR content for you via Daydream, and guess what, Google will also bring in a VR version of the Play Store and Play Movies apps. To be available this fall, Daydream VR will work with a feature called Android VR Mode in Android N which will let users experience virtual reality in an Android platform for the first time.


IMAX movies have been known to come with added flavours compared to usual 3D movies and with Google opening the floodgates for IMAX content to enter smartphones, you will be able to experience a world of IMAX content and movies like Journey to Space, Earthflight, To The Arctic, Titans of the Ice Age, Hidden Universe 3D and others without having to browse around for IMAX theatres. Even though Google hasn’t announced pricing of Daydream VR, the Mountain View-based internet giant may launch it pre-installed in select Android N devices and may offer in-app purchases for additional VR content.