Google To Unveil 'Google Home' Device Tomorrow At I/O

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With Google I/O set to take place beginning tomorrow morning in San Francisco, there’s plenty of excitement revolving around all the new possible technology and devices that Google could announce during the conference. Anything of notable importance will be shown off as well as announced at the keynote speech which is the first thing that happens every year on the first day, and while many are hoping to see the likes of the final Android N build, new Nexus devices, and the Android VR hardware that Google has been working on, it would appear that one device which hasn’t been talked about a whole lot just yet, the recently rumored Amazon Echo competitor that was codenamed “Chirp,” is said to be receiving its unveiling at tomorrow’s conference.

According to the New York Times, the device will be called Google Home, which seems fitting given the nature of the product and the target market it’s rumored to be aiming for. Hailed as an Amazon Echo rival of sorts, it was previously stated to be in the same shape and design as the already available OnHub router, and although it’s highly likely to be powered by the same A.I. engine that powers the Google app, no specific details had been mentioned about the device so far.


Google’s virtual agent is said to have the capability to carry out basic tasks, presumably turning off lights, adjusting the temperature and more, and it’ll be able to answer easier questions when asked. Although tomorrow is said to be the official announcement for Google Home, the actual launch of the product is not supposed to happen until this Fall. No specific dates or prices were given as of yet as Google has not confirmed the product. While it would be easy to sit around and wonder why Google has waited so long to introduce the public to such a device, as Amazon has seen much success as generally the only available product of its kind, the important detail is that Google is finally preparing to unveil something that will plant itself firmly in the space. As the Internet of Things continues to be a growing market, more and more consumers are likely to start researching potential products to make their own homes smarter and more efficient, and devices like the Amazon Echo and Google’s upcoming Google Home are perfect for being at the center of things.