Google To Focus On VR App Quality & Performance For Daydream

Daydream VR Google IO AH 29

When it comes to this year’s Google I/O event, Daydream was one of the big headline topics that emerged. It was always understood that virtual reality would be making a presence at the event, although to what degree had yet to be known. However, once Google did announce Daydream, it became clear that this was being put forward as an all-inclusive view of virtual reality. One which will employ Daydream hardware, as well as the Daydream interface and of course, apps that are specifically designed to run on Daydream.

In terms of the last aspect, it seems the quality of the apps on offer with Daydream will be of the highest importance to those working behind the scenes to bring the platform to the forefront. At a dedicated VR session held this morning at I/O, the Daydream team did provide those watching a better glimpse at what Daydream apps will be like, the experience one can expect from the apps on offer and how the Daydream version of Google Play will look and function. However, in an interview with The Verge, Clay Bavor, the head of the VR department at Google, reiterated the notion that the quality of apps on offer will be detrimental in determining the success of the platform.


Bavor made it clear that they will be taking a “very, very strong stance” when it comes to app aspects likes the quality, the performance, latency and framerate. All with a view to ensuring Daydream is “representing good VR to our users”. Drawing on this point further, Bavor notes that the performance is going to be key with Daydream. Which is somewhat to be expected. With virtual reality being ‘all about the experience’, it does stand to reason that the performance and the ability to maintain the experience is going to be at the forefront of the Daydream team’s thinking. Bavor did note that they will be turning to the developer community for feedback on how this can all be best achieved but did some up the point on quality by stating “at a high level the quality bar is super super important to that and we’ll be maintaining that.”