Google Puts Together a YouTube Playlist of I/O 2016 Sessions

Google IO Sundar Pichai AH 4

Last week’s Google I/O 2016 might seem like a long time ago now, but the new tools and platforms that Google announced during the show will continue to be relevant for the rest of the year for Android developers. For those curious in what’s over the horizon, Google I/O can be an exciting time to see just how far things have come and how much better things are going to get in the future. While many of us tuned in to the announcement live, due to time zones and work constraints, not everyone will have had the time to do that. We put together a neat roundup last week, but now Google has done the same on YouTube, putting the vast majority of all the different sessions from I/O 2016 into one neat YouTube playlist.

A great example of just how serious Google are about their developer events, the new playlist contains a whopping 168 different videos, including the two-hour long keynote from last Wednesday as well as a new two-minute long highlight reel. These different videos are all from different sessions held last week during I/O 2016 and these cover a wide range of topics from what’s new in Android N, lots of talk about VR filmmaking, the Google Cloud platform and all sorts of other topics. For a lot of people, Google I/O might just be about that one day which has all sorts of different news announced during the Day One keynote, throughout the rest of the week there are sessions that cover all the different aspects that Google is involved in. Let’s not also forget that Android is not just about smartphones and tablets and there are sessions devoted to the new Android Wear 2.0 Preview as well as what’s new in Android Auto and Android TV as well.


The Playlist is linked below for those curious, and you can always add it to your favorites or your watch later list as well. An interesting collection of what’s to come for Android as well as Google in general, this 150+ videos should update you on what the rest of 2016 has to offer.