Watch: Google I/O 2016 Live Stream Video & Sessions

Google IO 2016 Tour Signage AH 8

This Wednesday, Google I/O 2016 gets underway, and the doors will open for the Keynote Address at 10:00 PST, that’s 13:00 EST and 18:00 GMT for our friends across the pond. While we’ll be in attendance during the address, we’ll be covering all of the news here as well. For those that want to follow along with all of the news themselves, they can bookmark this page and return on the times above to watch the Keynote live. This special widget below will also work for the different events on the I/O Schedule. Not everything is going to be livestreamed, but the I/O schedule does make it clear using a small camera icon next to those that will be available to watch online.

We’ve covered what Google might have in store for us during Google I/O 2016, and while we’re pretty sure that Android N will be a focus, the leaks and rumors have been few and far between this year, making it difficult to pinpoint what’s going to be announced. Even so, this is the sort of thing that makes such a show so exciting! 2016 seems like a year that will be full of surprises at Google I/O and we can’t wait to see what Google have to show off be it the rumored Chrome OS and Android merger or new Android Wear software. We’ll also be live blogging the event as well, for those that are at work and what to keep up with the latest developments that are going on and can’t stream the Keynote video. Of course, on top of all that we’ll be diving into all the new bits and pieces that make up Android N and make sure to cover all announcements, whether that’s Android Auto or Android VR in great detail, too.


The below widget is all you need to watch live as well as connect with others watching the show and see the latest updates coming out of Google’s official channels. Be sure to bookmark this page and come back to it just before the show starts to make sure you’re ready for all things Google I/O 2016!