Google I/O 2016: Day Two Wrap-Up

Google IO 2016 Tour Signage AH 8

The second day of Google I/O has come to a close leaving us with more information on most of the things that were announced yesterday during the keynote. More has been discovered with Android N, as the third developer preview of the software was launched officially yesterday. Specifically, preview 3 brings physical keyboard shortcuts for developers and Google states that launcher shortcuts will not be part of Android N.

We also learned more about Android Wear today, as Google noted that not only will Android Wear 2.0 allow for direct application installs to the device from the Play Store, it will also hone in on fitness and introduce better, more focused fitness features, and for those that are willing to take advantage of them they should certainly impress. Google announced the all-new awareness API for developers today, which essentially makes applications context aware so they can determine your environment to assist you by opening up at the right time. Of course, a big piece of news today revolves around Chromebooks and Google Play, as Google finally announced that the Play Store would be coming to a few Chromebooks as part of Chrome OS v53 in the dev channel in June, and a lot more Chromebooks as part of stable in the Fall. This is likely to be hugely beneficial for many Chromebook users.


Of course, a lot of today’s news was centered around Daydream and Google’s efforts in VR. It was discovered that the Daydream controller is mandatory for use with VR on Android N, while Google also announced that they would partnering up with companies like Yi Technologies and IMAX to make new Jump-ready camera rigs. If you have happened to miss any of the Google I/O related news from today, we have everything rounded up for you below.




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