Google Hosting #AskFirebase Q&A on May 26th, 2016 at 3PM PT

firebase hangout

Last week, Google held their annual developers conference, dubbed Google I/O, where they announced a slew of products and changes to their portfolio of services. One of the bigger changes was to Firebase. Back in 2014, Google bought Firebase to help developers build better real-time apps. We hadn’t seen much in terms of changes to Firebase since it was acquired nearly two years ago. However at Google I/O last week, they announced a ton of changes. Some of the changes include tweaks to analytics and development – developers are able to remotely push changes to apps in real-time now. We also saw dynamic links and integration with Google’s Cloud Platform.

With all of these new changes heading to Firebase, the team decided it would be a good idea to have a Live Hangout Q&A to talk with developers on what these changes mean for them. Developer Advocate, Magnus Hyttsten and Firebase co-founder James Tamplin will be hosting this Hangout and answering all of your burning questions. To get things started, and be sure that they can answer as many questions as possible, they are encouraging developers to submit questions ahead of time. Which you can do so by heading to the source link below and registering. The hangout starts at 3pm Pacific Time (which is 6PM Eastern Time and 11PM GMT), and it takes place tomorrow, May 26, 2016. So you do still have time to send your questions ahead of the event.


Firebase is a pretty important tool for developers that are creating apps. It allows developers to build realtime apps for iOS, Android and the web. Additionally, Firebase has the ability to store and sync data instantly (hence the term “real-time”). When Google purchased it two years ago, it had about 110,000 developers using the platform. As of this month, that number is now 470,000. When Firebase was bought by Google, the majority of the team stuck around, and as you can see the co-founder James Tamplin is going to be on the live Hangout tomorrow, so he’s definitely still around working on Firebase. It’s a great tool for developers, and if you haven’t used Firebase already, you should definitely check it out.