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When you think of Android, one of the first aspects which likely comes to mind is apps. After all, Android would be quite a different experience if there were no apps available. This is probably why the Google Play Store has become one of the biggest app stores around. One which saw twice as many apps being downloaded in 2015 compared to theĀ iOS App Store and one which Google seems to be considering making available to non-traditional devices, like those that run on Chrome OS.

Of course the downside of there being so many apps available for Android devices is that there is literally too many to choose from. While the Google Play Store does do a fairly good job of filtering through the copious number of apps listed and even allows for further filtering by cost or by rating, it still can be a bit tedious to find the right app. This is likely why Google is constantly thinking of new ways in which you can find the app you are looking for. Like Google Search.


To be more specific, the new 'Apps' tab that is now available within Google Search on mobile. If you have not noticed it yet, then it is a feature which is already live on Google Search. Simply open up Search, search for an app and you you will see the new tab listed. Clicking on the tab opens dedicated app search parameters so that the results only show app-related content and content which is directly related to the search term. While the chances are good that the main 'All' tab will show up the app you are looking for based on your search term, the nice thing about the new tab is that it shows all apps related to the search term. So for instance, searching for Netflix brings up any app related to Netflix and not just the Netflix app. A nice way to find additional apps that you might not know existed to begin with. As you would expect, all the app listings also come with direct install tabs, although these do not initiate a direct download but do redirect you to the relevant Google Play Store listing page.

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