Gear Fit 2 Leaks Outs Once More Showing Off Features


Samsung has been a big player in the wearable world for a long time now, first launching the original Galaxy Gear smartwatch way back in 2013, and since then the Gear line of smartwatches have become very popular, especially their most recent Gear S2. Where fitness trackers are concerned however, Samsung released the original Gear Fit, with a curved AMOLED display, back in 2014 and we have to see another Gear Fit since then. Of course all of the leaks and rumors have strongly pointed towards a launch of the upcoming Gear Fit 2 later this year. We already know the sort of overall look and feel of the device, but yet another leak has appeared showing off what the new device will be capable of.

This latest leak comes out of South Korea itself, and appears to some sort of promotional poster that Samsung would use and it shows off a number of different features. It appears as though the device will be able to function as a watch as well as a fitness tracker with the time always on as well as pertinent information on display as well. Of course, those looking into such a device will want to know what it can do in terms of fitness tracking, and it appears as though it will track your heart rate, as well as show you a map of your runs and cycling routes, too. Judging from the apparent size of the display as well as the information shown in the above leaked image, it seems as though the Gear Fit 2 is to be more of a standalone device than your average fitness tracker. Whether or not the device comes with built-in GPS is unknown, but so far leaks are pointing to a device with 4GB of RAM and a powerful CPU with a GPU as well that outputs to a 1.84-inch AMOLED display.


So far, all of the leaks and such are pointing to a device that will be launching in June, and as we can see in these new pictures, it looks like the device is going to be water-resistant and rugged enough to be worn no matter the occasion. We guess we don't have too much longer to wait, as a launch could happen very soon now.

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