Engage In Team-Based Combat With New Shooter 'GANGFORT'


Multiplayer combat games can be quite a bit of fun if you love a little competition, and there's a new kid on the block when it comes to these types of games. A new 2D shooter called GANGFORT is sure to grab the attention of those who may be familiar with Valve's Team Fortress 2, as it offers up multiple character class types which you can choose from before entering into battles against others while also having you team at your side. While Team Fortress 2 definitely seems to have been some inspiration, it also feels a little bit like the combat in Duck Game, a PC title that you can pick up on Steam which pits you against three other players in a similar looking sidescrolling combat matchup. The only difference really is the lack of character classes and teams, as Duck Game is a free-for-all.

Before you begin, you can pick from nine different classes which include a Rusher, Builder, Torcher, Yash, Marine, Mass, Dealer, Agent, and Camper, all of which have their own unique skills to bring to the combat that could help turn the tides of battle one way or the other. As this is meant to be about the multiplayer combat, you can link up and play with friends over a WiFi, 4G, and even 3G connection, although 3G is stated by the developers to have latency issues which could affect the gameplay experience. If you don't have any friends to play with you can also play with random players over the internet.


If multiplayer isn't your thing or if you're simply just looking for some time away from the chaos of real players, GANGFORT does offer a single player mode too where you'll end up playing against the computer-controlled characters. There are two team-based modes to play through as well, called Grab the Spot and Roll The Bomb, which are basically like a king of the hill game type where you need to hold an area for a certain amount of time and a game type where the goal is to roll a bomb into the enemy base. There are of course, leaderboards as well, and there are achievements to collect if that's your thing.

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