CNN Confirms Commitment To Provide Google Daydream Content

Google IO Daydream AH 3

There has been a lot of Google and Android news coming through today and that does mean that it can be difficult to digest all of the news that has been announced and even miss some aspects of it. One of the aspects which is unlikely to have been missed though is Daydream. This is Google’s vision for what virtual reality for Android will be and according to the details that have come through, Daydream is likely to be an expansive platform.

Daydream will be the totality of virtual reality for Android and will include the hardware aspects, which a number of smartphone manufacturers now seem to be signed up for. While at the other side of the spectrum, Daydream will also be the unified platform which the Daydream hardware will connected with to complete the virtual reality experience. In terms of that software and VR-related content, it is still a little limited on information as to what content could be expected, although Google did note during their keynote presentation that a number of Google apps like StreetView and YouTube, among others, will be available as dedicated VR versions. In terms of third-party content, one app that you can be sure will be available is CNNVR.


CNN has confirmed that they are part of the initial wave of content creators for Daydream and as a result, the CNN virtual reality focused app, CNNVR, will be available when Daydream hits the market. At present, there are no details on when this is likely to happen with the likely roll out for Daydream to be later on in the year. However, CNN will look to bring the same level of content to Daydream as it does to its other outlets, but instead of just bringing Daydream the news, CNNVR will look to “bring them inside the news, immersing them in compelling stories wherever they are unfolding.”

Although it is early to talk about how impacting Daydream will be, it does seem that Google and a number of manufacturers and content providers are committed to the platform, which is not too surprising when virtual reality does seem to currently be such a popular topic within the technology world. Either way, with so many already committing to the platform, it does seem likely that it will be one that is rich and robust, when it finally does become available.