Chromecast Support & New UI Tweaks Come To ProjectM App

AH ProjectM Music Visualizer 1

Chromecast support has come to a wide variety of apps since it launched a couple of years back, and that's a great thing for enthusiasts of the little HDMI streaming dongle who wish to make the most of it anytime they have a chance. Now there is another new app that can be added to this list as the makers of the ProjectM Music Visualization app have just updated it to include support for Chromecast streaming. If you appreciate the designs from music visualization tools like this one, now you'll have the opportunity to toss those designs up onto the screen of the TV you have the Chromecast plugged into.

Support for Google's Chromecast may definitely be seen as the most notable change to the app following this most recent update, but it is by no means the only thing that has been changed here. The developers have also decided to update the user interface of the application a little bit to bring it forward into the modern age. As you can see from the screenshots below, the app now has bits and pieces of Material Design baked in. It may not appear like a fully equipped Material Design UI, but the basics are there like the updated hamburger menu, the three dots for the overflow menu, icon animations and the like. The iconic blue lines from the days of Jelly Bean are also gone and the blue accents have been replaced with a new shiny purple.


If you've used the application before today, then you may have encountered a problem with it that was causing issues with the Daydream effect. This update fixes that bug so it should no longer be a problem going forward. Other various bug fixes and improvements have been implemented in the update as well, and the new default setting for the framerate is 60fps as the developers state that a new FPS-compensation algorithm has allowed them to make this change. One functionality of the app which users may have been fond of is the ability to use gestures or actions to initiate a function, and the update now includes the ability to disable gestures should the user wish to turn them off completely. The app update should be live already for all users.

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