Battleborn Tap Shoots And Slices Onto The Play Store


For all intents and purposes, the newest game from the Borderlands crew 2K Games and Gearbox is a hit. Battleborn hasn't been out long, but it's been garnering rave reviews for its unique environment, captivating art direction and its hard-to-claim chops as a solid and unique game in the crowded MOBA space. While most phones out there are nowhere near powerful enough to play the full game, mobile gamers now have a way besides Tales From The Borderlands to get their Gearbox fix. Battleborn has hit the Play Store in the form of Battleborn Tap, a rather simple game, but with a lot of unique quirks and, of course, Battleborn's lively and unique art direction.

The meat of the game, the battle system, consists of simply tapping the screen wildly. The faster you tap, the more damage you deal with your laser. Your Battleborn characters, which have to be hired, are mostly autonomous, but you can activate skills to turn the tide of battle when needed. You can unlock new heroes and new loot by winning battles, and get golden shards by defeating foes. You can level up your individual heroes to increase their stats, as well as buying new gear, skills and weapons for them. The game even boasts an achievement system for bragging rights and links with Google Play Games to increase your mobile gaming clout.


As an interesting side-system and perhaps one of the main draws of downloading the game, Battleborn Tap ties into the full version of the game. By logging in with your SHiFT account, you can unlock exclusive rewards, content and achievements in the mobile game through progression in the main game. Likewise, making headway in the mobile game, getting achievements dominating new battles will net you exclusive content for the main game that you wouldn't be able to get otherwise. While the gameplay may be a bit on the simplistic side, Battleborn Tap is a uniquely styled and immersive little time waster, and pays great dividends if you happen to own the main game. Whether you're a seasoned Battleborn lover, a Gearbox and 2K fan or just looking for something new to pass the time, head through the source link and give the game a chance.

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