Google Drive Integrates with Evernote on Android & Chrome

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Google Drive and Evernote are two of the most used apps on Android, well really any platform. Evernote is a full-fledged note-taking app (not to be confused with Google Keep) with tons of features and both free and paid versions, it has been one of the most downloaded apps on the Play Store for years now. Evernote is great because you can take virtually unlimited notes with the app – you get 60MB of space each month. You can also sync it with other devices, especially great for students, as they can read their notes that they took in class, on their smartphone. Google Drive, on the other hand, has become a pretty popular app for storing files, especially documents. Google gives you 15GB of storage for free, and they also offer some of the cheapest storage plans around (1TB of space would cost you $9.99/month). What if they two were integrated? Well as of today they are, sort of.

According to the Google Drive blog post today, Evernote will have a new button in the toolbar that is the Google Drive icon. This will allow you to embed a Google Drive document into Evernote with ease. You'll get a thumbnail preview and "a rich viewing experience". Instead of just simply adding a link to a Google Drive document. Additionally, you'll have the ability to search your Google Drive for a particular document, photo or audio clip. This makes it easier to find the appropriate document to embed into your Evernote note. Additionally, because notes can be shared, this brings collaboration to a whole other level.


Evernote's Chief Product Officer, Erik Wrobel said that "Evernote is where people capture and nurture ideas. This integration with Google Drive helps people cultivate those ideas with rich context." Evernote recently integrated with Yahoo Mail and WhatsApp, and this makes the Evernote app that much more useful. Google notes that this integration is live in Evernote for both the Web and Android right now. No word on when it'll be available for other platforms, but it should be available in the coming days. You can download Evernote from the Google Play Store today.

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