AT&T To Offer Free Canada/Mexico Roaming


U.S. carriers have been upping their international roaming game significantly in recent years, but customers will still face at least some extra charges when leaving the United States' borders, even if it's only to the country's closest neighbors, Mexico, and Canada, where some of the big carriers even have their own service. AT&T, however, is looking to flip the script and let customers use their phones as they please when away from their home country. The kicker is that the offer is only available to certain subsets of high-data customers. Specifically, those who are on 15GB plans or unlimited plans, whether through grandfathering or new initiatives, can take advantage of this offer.

The deal kicks in on May 20th. Qualifying customers must activate the free feature, either online through the My AT&T portal or by calling customer service. The feature, known as Roam North America, allows customers on qualifying plans to use their phones abroad just as they would within the United States at no extra cost. Customers can make and receive calls, send and receive texts and use their data allotment in the normal manner, with the ability to call to and from all three countries. AT&T's coverage throughout North America, with goals set for more coverage in the near future, allow them to provide the same network and features between Mexico, the United States, and Canada. As a caveat, however, 15GB customers only enjoy these benefits in Mexico. Those who have an unlimited plan under their belt have free reign of all three countries.


Once the offer begins on May 20th, business customers can also sign up if they are on or are activating plans for 15GB per month or higher, or activating new Mobile Share Value plans worth $20 per user or more. The benefits, however, only extend to Mexico; business users will still face the usual roaming charges in Canada. Even though the offer is set to activate this Friday no date for when it may end was announced, leading to the possibility that the new plan may be permanent or it may be a temporary perk for qualifying users. Check out the source link for the full release and more info for business users.

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