ASUS Teases The Launch Of ZenFone 3 At Computex 2016


ASUS might have been late to the smartphone party when it took its first tentative steps in the sector with its first-generation ZenFone back in 2014, but the instant approval the products received from consumers and the tech media at large meant that there was more pressure on the Taiwanese tech company when it was time for it to launch the second-generation ZenFone lineup last year. With the ZenFone 2 line proving to be an even bigger success story, the company is now well and truly one of the most important names in the smartphone industry, having been able to successfully transfer the huge amount of goodwill it always had with PC gamers and DIY PC builders to one of the biggest and most visible sectors of consumer technology these days – mobile devices.

Meanwhile, ASUS unveiled its ZenFone 2 line back at the CES 2015 in January last year, so it’s been well over a year since the company has announced a new flagship, and that is an absolute eternity in this fast-changing world of consumer tech. However, the company seems to be finally ready to show off its latest flagship smartphone to the world, if all the online chatter is anything to go by. According to reports, the company will very likely debut its ZenFone 3 flagship (along with a few derivatives at different price-points) just a day ahead of the Computex 2016 trade show, which will be held in Taipei City, Taiwan, from the 31st of this month.


With the ZenFone 3 all set to become official in just about a couple of weeks’ time, ASUS has now started teasing the impending announcement through teaser videos posted online. One such video, posted on the company’s official YouTube channel, teases the ‘Zenvolution’ event that’s set to be held at Computex this year. Through the 34-second video, ASUS seems to be harping on the clarity of images shot through the camera(s) on the ZenFone 3. What’s interesting is that the video ends with a shot of three different handsets, which could very likely be an indication that ASUS plans to announce at least three different variants of ZenFone 3 later this month.