Arizona Drivers to Get $20/Hour Testing Self-Driving Cars


These past couple of years have seen progress in a number of areas where new technology is concerned, and one of those is of course the self-driving car. Big names like Tesla have cars that can drive themselves in a sort of autonomous cruise control mode available right now, but Google is working on a much more complete solution. The Internet giant has been working on this technology for some time now, and they recently signed a deal with Fiat Chrysler, as well having the head of the self-driving project at Google top The Drive's list of most influential people in the automotive tech space.

No matter how good these self-driving cars are however, they still need a qualified human driver to be at the wheel, ready to intervene, at all times. This is not only good for gathering data, but it's also a stipulation of Google's ability to test these cars, which they've been currently doing in and around Mountain View. Now, Google's self-driving cars are commuting to Chandler, Arizona as Google looks to expand their test regions, which means that they need to hire some more qualified drivers in the area to oversee the cars on the road. Google is hiring drivers on 12 and 24-month contract from "all types of backgrounds" however, they do require that candidates be able to type 40 words per-minute and have a bachelor's degree and have a clean driving license and no prior criminal record. Being able to type proficiently is part of the job, as these drivers will need to provide "concise written and oral feedback" to Google engineers working on the project.


Drivers that are hired by Google can earn $20 an hour while driving 6 to 8 hours a day, which seems like a standard 9-to-5 to us. Whether or not drivers will be required to oversee the cars at night or during dangerous conditions is unclear, but we'd assume that Google is looking to get as much data as possible out of their new opportunity in Arizona. If you're looking for a new job in the Arizona area, and don't mind putting some of your fate in the hands of a robotic car, then you can check out the source link below.

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