Android TV Play Movies Gains Dolby Digital Plus Surround Sound


One of the big benefits of Android TV and the other TV-focused options, is that they offer a new and exciting way to consume streamed media. Gone are the days in which you had to wait for a show or movie to start and gone are even the days when you had to head to a website to stream content. Now, with an Android TV device like the NVIDIA SHIELD or the Nexus Player, you can find content to watch from all the major streaming companies through one centralized dashboard and one which emulates a TV experience very well.

Of course, you can even rent or buy content to watch as well. Thanks to services like Google's Play Movies & TV and as well as being able to stream subscribed content, Android TV also now acts as your local video store too. And for those who do like to occasionally rent or buy a show or movie through Play Movies, it looks like the playback experience is about to get a whole lot better as Google has today announced on Twitter (through its Google Play account) that Play Movies on Android TV and Roku devices now support Dolby Digital Plus surround sound.


The short of this is that the audio quality on offer with content purchased or rented through Play Movies is likely to be far better now, thanks to this latest update. As Dolby Digital Plus is a feature which looks to provide a cinema-like level of audio playback with no additional hardware or software needed. What makes the update even better is that there is nothing that needs to be done by the device owner, including no waiting for an update or upgrade. As far as the details suggest, the change is already in place and you are now good to watch your content while listening to an improved level of audio output. As mentioned, the announcement on the new feature came through Twitter, so there is little to further explain at the moment, but if you want to see how the sound is improved, head to Play Movies on your Android TV or Roku device.

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