Adobe "Excited" About Android Apps Heading to Chrome OS

Adobe Lightroom 2 AH 00106

In the past few years, Adobe has really started to turn their attention over to mobile. Bringing a slew of apps over to Android as well as iOS. They have a slew of apps available on Android, although they aren’t technically the same as what you would find on Mac OS X or Microsoft Windows, they are still great apps. Now, those apps are heading over to Chrome OS, as Google announced today at Google I/O in Mountain View, CA.

Adobe is excited about Google’s announcement today, and touted that their customers can now take their Chromebook “to new heights with work and play”. They also mention how this move will open the floodgates for all kinds of experiences on Chromebooks. Which is definitely going to help out enterprise and education customers. Seeing as they typically use Chromebooks for more than just the internet. Adobe touts that they have over 300 million downloads for their PDF app, Adobe Acrobat Reader, and states that it has been the most downloaded PDF app for years. Additionally, Adobe customers will have the ability to utilize their apps like Lightroom CC, Photoshop CC and much more. Not to mention their integration with Dropbox recently. Which makes things much easier, in terms of exchanging files between machines.


It’s an exciting time for both Android and Chrome OS users, as Google has essentially mashed the two together today at Google I/O. Making the Chromebook a whole lot more useful. Many have bashed the Chromebook or Chromebox over the fact that it is basically running just a browser. Which is still true. Although Google is looking to shut everyone up by adding about a million apps to Chrome OS. A select few will be getting Android apps in June, while the others will see the support come later this year.

If you do use multiple machines for doing your work, signing up for Adobe’s Creative Cloud is going to be something you’ll want to do. It’s a great service, and gives you access to Adobe’s apps and products on multiple platforms, as well as making it easy to swap files between them all.