ZTE Set to Announce Management Reshuffle Tomorrow


According to a report, ZTE is set to announce a new management team tomorrow, April 5th, 2016. The report which is coming out of Reuters this afternoon, notes that ZTE typically reshuffles their managerial team about every three years, and this falls right in line with that schedule. So this isn’t due to a massive exodus at the Chinese manufacturer. A spokesperson from ZTE, David Dai Shu, stated that they will be making the announcement tomorrow morning and also filing a stock exchange filing. This shouldn’t come as a big surprise to anyone, but it is nice to see ZTE shaking things up every so often. Some companies can become complacent with their products, and by shaking up the management team every few years, this shouldn’t happen at ZTE.

ZTE isn’t the biggest company to come out of China, but they are still a pretty big company. They have released several Android smartphones here in the US, with their latest flagship being the ZTE Axon Pro. They are actually in the top five for prepaid devices here in the US. Along with Samsung, LG, Huawei and a few others. Recently, ZTE has been hit with some export bans by the US, after they allegedly (nothing has been proven yet) broke a US sanction against Iran in 2012. In March, the US stated that they would ease those restrictions on ZTE, and allowed them to temporarily export products once again, until the end of June. They also noted that they could further ease if ZTE cooperated with the government.


Like most manufacturers, ZTE has essentially different companies for different regions. So while ZTE USA does report to ZTE, they are still treated as a subsidiary. Right now it’s unclear if this managerial shake up is only going to affect the Chinese arm or if this will affect everyone at ZTE. We’ll definitely know more tomorrow when the announcement is official, however. This shake up likely won’t bring anything new to the consumer front. So many people buying ZTE phones won’t notice much change after the changes are complete, which could take a few months.