Xiaomi Mi Note 2 To Arrive In H2 2016, Says Analyst

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Xiaomi has been quite active lately. The company has introduced two very compelling smartphones, and it seems like some additional ones are one the way as well. Xiaomi has unveiled the Mi 5 during the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in February, and they’ve also released the Redmi 3 Pro last month. Xiaomi has confirmed that they’re working on the Xiaomi Max phablet, which is expected to be the largest handset this company has ever released, and some of you are probably wondering where is the Mi Note 2? Well, a new rumor surfaced, and might have an answer for you, read on.

The company has introduced their first-gen Mi Note phablet back in January 2015. Well, Xiaomi has actually introduced both the Mi Note and Mi Note Pro, two identical devices in terms of the design, though they did sport significantly different specs. Anyhow, the Mi Note 2 was expected to arrive in the first quarter of the year, but that didn’t happen, and despite that fact, pretty much everyone is expecting for Xiaomi to introduce their new flagship phablet at some point this year. The Xiaomi Max is rumored to sport the Snapdragon 820 SoC, though that’s highly unlikely, unless the company has no plans for the Mi Note 2. That being said, a new rumor surfaced in China, and is coming from a China-based analyst, Kevin Wang. According to the provided info, the Mi Note 2 will land in the second half of this year, and the Xiaomi Max will land sooner than that, which means it might launch before the end of June. The Xiaomi Mi Note 2 is expected to sport a 5.7-inch display, while the Xiaomi Max will, according to rumors, feature a 6.4-inch panel, and become the largest handset Xiaomi has ever released.


You can expect both of these phones to be made out of metal, and we still don’t know if Xiaomi plans on releasing both the Mi Note 2 and Mi Note 2 Pro, or will they opt for only one variant.
That is more or less it, we’re expecting to see quite a few rumors and leaks regarding both of these phones in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for that, we’ll keep you in the loop.