Xiaomi India Announces Mi Fan Festival For This Wednesday

Xiaomi Mi Fan Festival India 2016 1

Xiaomi has been founded back in 2010, which makes this company’s success even harder to believe. In less than 5 years Xiaomi managed to become China’s number 1 smartphone manufacturer, and the company was still placed no.1 at the end of last year. Huawei is still above Xiaomi in global terms, but Xiaomi still has an edge as far as China is concerned. That being said, Xiaomi was founded on April 6th, which means that their anniversary is coming up in two days, and as it’s the case every year, Xiaomi plans to hold the so-called ‘MI Fan Festival’, read on.

The ‘Mi Fan Festival’ is essentially another name for Xiaomi’s anniversary, during which the company sells a ton of their products for a fraction of their price. We knew that Xiaomi will offer such discounts in China, but it seems like the company plans to do the same in India as well, which is not that surprising considering this is their second most important market at the moment. Xiaomi has officially announced the Mi Fan Festival in India, and the company also said that they will offer new devices for sale on their official site on Wednesday from 8am to 10pm IST. New accessories will be available for sale on Wednesday as well, including the 20,000mAh Mi Power Bank, LED Light Enhanced Blue, and the Mi in-Ear Headphones Pro. Now, the Mi 5 flagship will also go on sale on Wednesday, though we already knew this considering the company said so the other day. Keep in mind that only the 3GB RAM (32GB of internal storage) Mi 5 variant will be available in India this Wednesday, the company did not even announce the other 3GB RAM (64GB of internal storage) model, nor the Mi 5 Pro (4GB of RAM + 128GB of native storage). Also worth noting is the fact that the Mi 5 will be available through a flash sale, so the device won’t be available for open purchase just yet.


Xiaomi’s flagship will be priced at Rs. 24,999 on Wednesday, while the Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro will cost Rs. 1,399. The LED Light Enhanced Blue will set you back Rs. 249 if you opt to purchase them, and the Mi USB Cable 120cm is priced at Rs. 149. Now, if you need an external battery to carry around, the 20,000mAh Mi Power Bank will b be available for Rs. 1,699. This is not all though, you can expect more products to be available, stay tuned.