Wear Weekly: ustwo's Face Maker Does it All on The Wrist


While the Killer App of smartwatches has arguably yet to be found – outside of piping notifications to your wrist – Android Wear has a pretty impressive catalog of custom watch faces. Owing to the open and malleable nature of Android itself, watch faces started appearing on Android long before Google even had an official solution for adding them to Android Wear devices. Since that official solution came along – introduced in the Lollipop update to AW – there's been a mix of different ways to customize a watch face. ustwo's latest app however does away with the confusion, and puts all of the settings right there on your watch.

Some watch face apps from the Play Store have some sort of icon in the app drawer as well as settings on the watch, some watch faces forego having an app icon and just allow changes from the AW phone app or the watch and some do none of that. It can be confusing and annoying, but ustwo's new Face Maker app gets it right; it's all done on the watch. This might seem a little finicky, but the way that they've done it makes a lot of sense and works brilliantly. Users just need to swipe left and right to get to different sections of the watch face, which will say "Hands" or "Numerals" to let you know what you're changing and then swipe up and down to change the value. There are indicators at the left-hand side and top of the display to let users know where they are in a list and there's a live preview in the center of the app.


It all runs quite smoothly as well, and while the customization options are a little limited right now, it's refreshing to see an app that allows us to change a lot about the watch face right from our wrists. I stuck with a chunky yet classic black face design, but those looking for some color in their life will find a splash of it here. More options would be very nice to have, as would the ability to choose from more than just the date to display, but as a new app that does one thing right, Face Maker is a good first version. Still, we're not so sure that "Face Maker" is the appropriate name right now, given the limited options. Either way, users can hit the big button below to get Face Maker installed on their watch, and we hope for more options in the future.

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