StockX Opens A Marketplace For Sneaker Enthusiasts

April 15, 2016 - Written By Justin Diaz

Just like anything else, sneakers are a big collectible for many people and some pride themselves on having a large collection. Rare sneakers are of course hard to find, but they can also command a big price for those looking to get rid of them, the challenge though can be finding a good place to sell them. Sites like eBay and Craigslist are always options, but thy aren’t especially dedicated to sneakers. A new app that just hit the Play Store called StockX aims to fill that gap on Android devices and give sneaker collectors a place to buy and sell.

StockX is more than just an online marketplace for sneakers though. It refers to itself as a stock market for sneakers which lists the pairs of shoes at real and current market prices for every single pair, making it a live marketplace which means prices can always change. This takes a little bit of worry away from both the buyers and sellers as they know prices will always be around what they should be. StockX states that they authenticate every sneaker by hand before they list them in the app so buyers can feel safe that they’re not picking up a pair of fake sneakers.

For sales to happen on any pair that’s listed, the asking price and the bidding price will have to match, meaning the seller and the buyer will have to essentially be willing to agree on the same price for the sale. Once prices are matched up the sale happens automatically and StockX will ship out the sneakers to the buyer making things pretty painless and simple for both parties. Aside from listing and Ask price and placing a Bid price, sellers can list their sneakers for a “sell immediately” price and buyers can simply pay what the asking price is, similar to eBay’s “buy it now” listings. If you have a sneaker collection and you have a few pairs you’re willing to get rid of, or if you want to expand your collection and are looking to buy, checking out the StockX app may be worth your time.