Sponsored Game Review: Super Slice


Super Slice is an Android game that channels other slicing games such as Fruit Ninja and Cut the Rope, but offers up a new way to play. For players to complete any of the 84 different levels included here, they will have to cut a piece of a diamond or gem away and ensure the falling piece meets one or more of the colored circles below. This means that players need to think ahead and make sure that they have a good strategy in mind to make sure the piece or pieces cut off from the gem fall in the right place. Super Slice requires precision, decent forward-planning and is a nice mix of fast-paced slicing games with the more thoughtful pace of puzzle games and such.


Super Slice is a free download from the Play Store, and once loaded, players can go ahead and get started.


Players can choose to get started, take a look at their Google Play Games leaderboards or leave a rating for the game in the Play Store. New players will be given an update on how to play the game as soon as they get started, and the tutorial is fairly straightforward, for the most part.



A line can be drawn across the display which shows where the cut will be made, and the aim of the game is to ensure that the cut you make will result in the falling piece of the gem make contact with the other colored ball.



There are 84 different levels here, each with varying difficulties of Physics-based fun to wrap your head around. Each chunk of levels become more and more difficult overall.


I hadn't been playing the game for long, but I had already come across some very tricky levels, some of which took me a long, long time to get past.



This is perhaps part of the appeal of Super Slice however, as it will offer mobile gamers looking for a definite challenge something fairly difficult to get their teeth stuck into. Often, the game will start to offer more than just one gem to cut through, and offer some very tricky Physics-based puzzles to master.



Super Slice mixes up its levels quite a bit, and fairly on as well, so while there might be 84 levels, each of them is a little different from the last, and none of them feel overly-similar to the one that comes before it.


This makes for an entertaining game overall, and while I can see why younger players might find the game a little lackluster and unappealing, there's a lot to love about the game. For instance, those looking for a brainteaser of a game will definitely get that with Super Slice, as well as those looking for a stern challenge, too. Super Slice has 84 different levels on offer, and even though this doesn't sound like a lot each level is quite different from the one before it, which does make a big difference. However, this also means that Super Slice is a game prone to throwing you curveballs, the first few levels I found quite easy, but after that I was stuck on a single level on try after try. Even so, this does result in game that's genuine challenging and forces you to use your mind and at no point did I think that the game was trying its best to be impossible to beat.



  • Speed (4/5) – Super Slice runs nice and smoothly, and the levels aren't timed so players can play through the game at whichever pace they choose.
  • Theme (3.5/5) – This is one of the areas that Super Slice could do with some work as it does feel a little basic in its appearance at times.
  • Features (4/5) – Intriguing, challenging and different are just some of the words you can describe Super Slice by, and they're all a true representation of what the game is all about. Good fun, this has a lot on offer and will please a lot of gamers looking for a solid challenge.
  • Overall (4/5) – Despite the fact that it has 84 different levels on offer, there's more on offer here than you might think, and while it could do with a fresh coat of paint it's a lot of fun and a genuine challenge, too.


  • Works well on pretty much any smartphone out there, which means this is a game that anyone can enjoy.
  • The 84 different levels each offer a fresh challenge compared to the last, and it'll keep players on their toes throughout.
  • Free to download and play, Super Slice has a lot of value to offer mobile gamers, and it really shows.
  • Nice mix of familiar gameplay mechanics, but set in a different sort of genre which goes towards creating something a little different.


  • Doesn't have too much to offer in the way of looks, but the gameplay is what most will be interested in.

Super Slice is a game that takes familiar gameplay mechanics – the slicing from games like Fruit Ninja and such – and then brings them to a new sort of genre, thus creating something fresh. The gameplay is challenging and causes players to use their brains, but it's something a lot of people will really enjoy, and for more players it might be something they've never played before.