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Robot Hell: Aliens is an Android game from EtmGames that brings the horror of an Alien Invasion to your Android device. It puts players in charge of a brave soldier tasked with wiping out these terrible creatures across 15 challenging levels. Each level is set in a city or some part of Earth and allows for a good level of free-roaming. With high-quality 3D graphics and simple controls Robot Hell: Aliens is an arcade-style shooter game that brings the action of the arcade to your device. There's a varied array of different Aliens and such to deal with and the more Aliens the player destroys, the more cash they will earn to spend on upgrades and better weapons. There are achievements and more to unlock in Robot Hell: Aliens, so let's go ahead and see what the game has to offer, shall we?

First of all, players will need to download Robot Hell: Aliens from the Play Store. Once installed, players can get started.


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Each mission starts off with a short and sweet introduction of what to do, and not much else.

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When you start playing the game, you'll quickly see that there's a lot of exploring to do playing Robot Hell: Aliens, and the 3D graphics help to create a fairly good representation of a modern day city.

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When you come across Aliens or their Robots, you'll often come across them in small groups, which can make things a little challenging.


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There's no tutorial included with Robot Hell: Aliens, but the controls are nice and simple. All players need to do is to to touch the left-hand side of the display to move the character, and the right-hand side of the display in order to move where the character is aiming. There's also the option to zoom in as well, for more accurate firing.

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These are power-ups that can help restore health, add to the amount of slow time you have, and more. Aliens and attacks will often drop these once defeated, but they can also be found just by wondering around and exploring the surroundings.

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As time goes on, you'll come across more and more difficult enemies, which is where the slow time, which makes things easier to target, will come in real handy.


Robot Hell attackers

There's also the opportunity to get in aircraft to take the fight to the skies as well, which can add a whole new style of gameplay to the missions.

Robot Hell aircraft


Each Mission is a little different, and they can be selected from the mission menu, along with a little description of their objectives.

Robot Hell missions

For those looking to earn some achievements for their hard work, Robot Hell: Aliens has a wide-range of achievements on offer as well.


Robot Hell achivements

All-in-all, this is the sort of game that will really appeal to those looking for an arcade style game to take with them. It feels almost like a mix of some 90's classic with a little bit of Grand Theft Auto involved, as players can roam around the levels quite a bit, making this a game that isn't linear in its approach to the action. I had a lot of fun with this and while I thought the controls were a little tricky to get used to, everything runs great and there's some great 3D graphics on offer here. The sound effects could do with some work, but the arcade style graphics and gameplay make this a great game to give a try, especially as it's free to play and doesn't ask too much of its players to just get stuck in and enjoy themselves.


  • Speed (4/5) – Robot Hell: Aliens runs nice and smoothly, and there's no slowdowns that I encountered while playing the game.
  • Theme (4/5) – The sound effects could be better, but considering the excellent 3D graphics, this is an easy one to forgive and the game has a good look and feel overall.
  • Features (4/5) – With a variety of different gameplay styles on offer, as well as lots of challenging enemies to take on, Robot Hell: Aliens is a good arcade-style game that is a lot of fun.
  • Overall (4/5) – Robot Hell: Aliens is a good lot of fun, and while its graphics aren't top-notch and the controls are a little fiddly to get used to, this is one of the better arcade-style games out there from an indie developer.


  • Works nicely on both smartphones as well as tablets and scales nicely to high-resolution displays.
  • The variety of different Robots that the Aliens throw at players keeps things fresh and will keep players on their toes.
  • Achievements will give players a lot to work towards as well as make the levels replayable for some time to come.
  • Free to download and play, making Robot Hell: Aliens damn good value for those on the lookout for an arcade classic on mobile.


  • Controls take some getting used to, although they do feel fluid and snappy.
  • Displaying an ad every time someone pauses their game can be annoying.

Robot Hell: Aliens has some great 3D graphics, challenging gameplay, and will work on the majority of devices out there. It might not have the best sound effects out there and the frequency of ads can be a little annoying, but there's more than enough on offer to keep players engaged for some time to come. With varying gameplay and challenging enemies, this is certainly one to give a try.


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