Sponsored Game Review: Froggle – Bubble Game


Froggle is an Android game that asks players to take care of Froggy and help him rescue his tadpoles. Players will need to match the same colored balls with other balls to make sure that they connect and are then knocked off, freeing the tadpoles. Froggle is a game channels other bubble-matching games out there, but it adds in some more exciting graphics and more charming animations that will appeal to both younger players as well as those looking to reminisce about classic arcade games. With high-quality graphics, challenging gameplay and lots of different levels on offer, Froggle is the sort of game that should appeal to the majority of Android gamers out there, so let's take a closer look.

First of all, players will need to download Froggle from the Play Store before they can start playing. Froggle then throws players right in the action with an introduction to the game.




The fun and cute tutorial carries on to introduce players to the game, and it does a good job of quickly educating players on how to play.


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The level design is pretty nice here, and helps to make it super-simple for younger players as well as casual gamers figure out what they're doing. There are some good-looking animations here and Froggy throughout the game looks really cute and just good-natured fun.

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Levels get progressively more and more difficult of course, and some of the levels leave players no option but to think about their colored ball choice as well as the use of the walls and such to better bounce balls into the right places.

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As we can see at the top of the level, there's a meter at the top that displays the sort of cut-off points for the different stars awarded for finishing the level. At the end of each level, however many stars that you achieved is displayed.


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Should you choose to play online with your Facebook account, you'll see how well your friends are doing, too.

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Froggle is a lot of fun, and especially for those a little younger and casual gamers, and with hundreds of different levels on offer, there's more than enough on offer to keep people engaged for long, long time to come.

Froggle levels

Playing Froggle reminded me of playing hours and hours of Puzzle Bobble, and while this is similar to a lot of other games in the Play Store, that's not a bad thing. Not only does that mean that this has lots of familiar gameplay to offer, but it also adds in Froggy, which is one of the most creative and engaging characters that I've seen in a game for a long, long time. The gameplay is simple, which makes this a lot of fun for those just looking for something that's fun and not too difficult to get involved in. The controls are nice and simple, and there's nothing that takes too long to do, and completing a level is rewarded by some fun dancing from Froggy and a good show of all the extra bubbles being counted up for extra points. It might not be the most original game out there, but Froggle makes up for that by offering up some of the best charm and graphics that I've seen for a long time in a game like this.



  • Speed (4/5) – Froggle runs nice and smoothly, and it has a good pace to it as well.
  • Theme (5/5) – Not only did I love Froggy and all of his good-natured dancing and fun, but I loved the extra little details here and there that all came together to offer up a good-looking and well-presented game that's as engaging as it is colorful.
  • Features (4/5) – The gameplay here might not be too unique or anything, but it plays well and is good-natured fun to boot.
  • Overall (4.5/5) – Froggle has a lot of the right boxes ticked and it looks good, while also offering up some great charm and animation. Froggy is an excellent character and this is a great game for younger players as well as those a little more casual.


  • Great-looking graphics and animations help bring Froggy alive and make the tadpoles feel genuinely important to players.
  • Familiar and accessible gameplay makes Froggle a good pick up and play game for all ages.
  • Simple controls and a well-explained tutorial will ensure that younger and more casual players will be able to get into the game with no trouble.
  • Ability to see how Facebook friends are doing in terms of scores and such is a nice feature, and something that a lot of people will appreciate.


  • Doesn't feel like an overly new game, as this sort of gameplay has been played a number of times before.
  • Could do with some bonus rounds or added gameplay features.

Froggle is a game that I can see a lot of younger players as well as those that are perhaps a little more casual in their approach to gaming on Android. Froggy is such a character and the game is oozing with charm and some good-looking graphics as well as excellent, classic gameplay. Free to download and play, this is a game that's well worth trying out no matter what sort of device you're playing it on.