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Chocolate Pinball is an Android game that offers users a fairly simple pinball game that aims to provide a quality pinball experience for free. This is a game that has nudge and tilt options with a pair of flippers and a whole host of bonuses and such to activate and repeat, including multiball and so on. Chocolate Pinball is based around realistic physics as well and has good graphics available to both phone and tablet users, even up to 10-inches in size. Free to download and play, Chocolate Pinball is a simple and refreshing take on an old classic, so let's see how much fun it really is, shall we?

As with most other Android games, users can download Chocolate Pinball from the Play Store and fire it up to get playing.


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There's a simple and easy to follow tutorial which tells players how the game works and most importantly what the controls are, which are really simple to follow, too.

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When it comes to actually playing the game, all players will need to do is to just launch the ball into the cabinet and then get started.

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Over time, players should notice that their score will start to rise and rise, especially if they keep the ball in certain places to earn bonuses and such.


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Lighting up the letters of the word Chocolate will also result in some more bonuses, but players need to light up all of the letters.

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Playing the game with the usual nudge and paddles combo results in some fairly predictable gameplay for a pinball game, but Chocolate Pinball has some other little tricks and features that users can learn about in the help menu, if they want to perfect their game.

Chocolate Pinball Help

Chocolate Pinball should serve to provide people with a decent amount of fun, especially for a free game, but only players new to pinball will find the game all that much fun, because hardened pinball players will probably expect a lot more from such a game. Regardless, one of things that all pinball games have to get right is the ability to create huge high scores, and Chocolate Pinball does that right.


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On top of this, the game also delivers some leaderboards through Google Play Games as well as the ability to tweak a few settings here and there.

Chocolate Pinball Settings


After spending some time with Chocolate Pinball, I have to wonder who this game is for. I can't see pinball fans going crazy for a simple pinball outing like this. Which is why I've come to the conclusion that this is the sort of game that's perfect for casual users to get stuck into. It has simple controls, can be quite addicting and there's not too much to remember in order to play the game, nor is it all that difficult. There's some good support for Google Play Games for leaderboards, giving players the option to compete among one another, and for the most part this is a decent game, but there definitely needs to be more content on offer. Chocolate Pinball is worth trying out as it is a free game, but it does feel fairly limited overall.


  • Speed (4/5) – Chocolate Pinball runs just fine and it doesn't take long at all to get up and running with the game.
  • Theme (4/5) – While inoffensive, there's not much on offer here in terms of looks, but there is at least a consistency throughout.
  • Features (3/5) – As basic pinball games go, Chocolate Pinball ticks most of the boxes, but it's lacking a level of detail and any advanced options or even more levels to work with, which makes the game feel fairly limited overall.
  • Overall (4/5) – It might be a little basic and a little limited, but for casual users or those looking for a simple pinball game that doesn't cost a penny, Chocolate Pinball is worth a try.


  • Simple and easy to play which makes Chocolate Pinball an accessible game for all players.
  • Works well on even the largest of Android tablets.
  • Addictive gameplay will keep pushing players to create higher and higher scores.
  • Completely free to download and play, forever!


  • Doesn't offer any more than just the one level, and can become a little tired over time.
  • Achievements would have given the game a little more content for players to tackle.

All-in-all, Chocolate Pinball is a good game, but it's something that might only appeal to casual players that have yet to play a pinball game, as there's not much else beyond the one level and simple gameplay on offer. Even so, it's a free game and it's something that a lot of players will find addictive and the simple controls make it accessible and approachable no matter the age or skill level.

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