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Buddy Rush is an MMORPG for Android with a difference, in that it doesn't try too hard to be too serious, and in fact is all about being cute and good fun. There are high-quality and cute-looking 3D graphics of the Buddy Heroes as well as their enemies used throughout the game, and there are a lot of customization options to tweak and have fun with. Even the different classes set themselves apart from the usual MMORPG games out there with classes like the "Worrier" that is a worried warrior and the "Botherella" who got her name from bothering her sister, Cinderella. With PvP action and a lot of different attacks, spells and accessible gameplay, Buddy Rush seems like a great MMORPG for all types of players, so let's take a closer look and see what it's like, shall we?


Players can get started with Buddy Rush: The Legends by downloading it from the Play Store. However, once they have done there's a fairly lengthy download process that you'll have to wait through.

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We suppose that the good-looking and well-animated characters in the background do help this process to go by a little quicker, but even on a 200mbps WiFi connection this took a lot longer than I was hoping it would. Once it has finished downloading, you'll need to choose a server and then choose to login with Google+, but what I really think the game means here is to log in using Google Play Games.


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New players will then need to choose a name that people will see you as online as well, these can only be as long as 16 characters.

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The game gets players started with a sort of mini first level in which the Buddy Heroes are all present and have to be controlled to beat the boss Eisline and remove her control over the Oblins.

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After the boss is defeated, there's a nice sort of intro that leads into the main game that shows off some cute graphics and helps paint the scene.


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Of course, nothing like this ever lasts and before long the Oblins turned on the Buddies and things started to go south.

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You arrive out of a magical stone that was supposed to be forbidden magic, and the Buddies will then help you fight against the Oblins and help find out why they've turned against the Buddies once again.

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The tutorial helps take players through everything that they need to know, but for the most part the controls are really, really easy to follow. It's super-simple to just attack enemies as well as move on to the next batch of enemies.


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There's an array of shops and other attractions in the main menu that players can use to get quests and such, and more of these become available as you level up further.

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Opening more of the Stones that Wizz unlocks with his magic will lead to more monsters and items that you can use in the game to further customize your appearance as well as your effectiveness in battle.

Buddy Rush 01

Over time, the use of these new monsters and partners will lead to some more advanced and more exciting battles, too.

Buddy Rush 02

As this is an RPG, there's unsurprisingly a lot of customization options open for players and Buddy Rush certainly doesn't disappoint in this area, that's for sure.

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MMORPG games on Android are either overly-simplified or end up using complicated controls that are just too difficult to work out and play through. Buddy Rush however thanks to its cute graphics and simple story doesn't suffer from being too simple as the game thrives on being accessible and easily-understood. This also makes the simplified controls pleasant to play with as well as suitable for this sort of gameplay and style of game. The characters all look good here, and I'm reminded of classic games from Nintendo like Animal Crossing and such, but this time around of course, I can play this on my phone or tablet. From an MMORPG standpoint this might feel a little too simple, but it has a lot going for it and trading on charm alone makes this a game to watch out for. I did feel like the English translation could do with a lot of work, but considering the game has only just launched in English, I'll forgive them the dodgy English for now, at least.


  • Speed (4/5) – Buddy Rush runs nice and smoothly, and for me it didn't ever slow down or anything like that. Aside from the lengthy download at the beginning of the game.
  • Theme (4/5) – I really liked the cute and fun-looking 3D characters and everything has a lighthearted look and feel to it that I enjoyed. Without much in the way of music or sound effects and some poor English however, there's definitely work to be done.
  • Features (4/5) – With lots of good gameplay mechanics, a fun and accessible story as well as a good variety of different quests and such, Buddy Rush has a lot on offer is a lot of fun.
  • Overall (4/5) – With some better English translation and a quicker initial download, Buddy Rush will only get better, but right now it's still a game that's well worth downloading and giving a try.


  • Fun MMORPG that would be suitable to those not keen on scantily-clad women or too much violence.
  • Good-looking graphics that are not only cute but well-animated and well-detailed in 3D.
  • Lots of different monsters and items to collect makes this a game that has a lot on offer for players and should keep them entertained for a long time to come.
  • Simple story makes this a game that the majority of players can get their teeth stuck into.


  • Some of the English translation needs some work as it doesn't sound right.
  • Lengthy initial download doesn't quite make sense given the larger download from the Play Store.

Buddy Rush is a good MMORPG game that ticks a lot of boxes and simplifies a lot of things to make it a game that everyone can give a try. Even so, it features many of the same features that RPG fans will be looking for, such as the ability to customize characters and collect new items and monsters. The 3D graphics are cute, accessible and look good on the majority of devices. Well worth giving a try, this is a game that can only get better after a launch in more regions.


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