Sponsored App Review: Wallpapers for Me

Wallpapers for Me

Wallpapers for Me is an Android app from the same developer that brings us Weather Live and packs in thousands of different wallpapers to match every taste out there. All of the different wallpapers are sorted into their respective categories and there’s even a Live Wallpaper that will change to a different image at pre-determined intervals throughout the day. Wallpapers for Me has a wallpaper to match your favorite widgets as well as all sorts of different scenes from packed City landscapes to Abstract patterns. Free to download with all the wallpapers that you can manage, Wallpapers for Me could be the wallpaper app that you were looking for.

As with other Android apps, it’s best to download Wallpapers for Me from the Play Store. Once installed, you can go ahead and get started with the app, but there’s a pesky pop-up asking me to install another of Apalon’s apps before I have even spent 30 seconds in this one.


2016-04-11 16.04.13

Still, once I got rid of this pop-up, I could take a look at the high-quality image that was thrown up for me, which takes center stage on your device, allowing you to see what it might look like on your homescreen in portrait mode.

2016-04-11 16.04.22


This is just a popular favorite selected by the app, if you’re looking for something more specific, you can go ahead and take a look at the categories that slide out from the side of the app.

2016-04-11 16.04.28

Wallpapers for Me has a lot of different categories on offer, and my tastes normally involve some sort of Cityscape and I was happy to see that Wallpapers for Me has some great-looking options on offer for me.


2016-04-11 16.04.39

Users can swipe left-to-right to get more choices, and setting a wallpaper is as simple as hitting the big set button.

2016-04-11 16.04.47


Wallpapers for Me is all about finding something that matches your taste, and I was able to do that quite easily, but the app is also proud to make it nice and easy for someone to find a wallpaper for their favorite widgets.

2016-04-11 16.05.32

Wallpapers for Me will steadily evolve as well, and there are new wallpapers being added every day.


Wallpapers for Me Daily

The Dynamic Wallpaper option makes it easy to have a fresh look for your homescreen all the time, and users can choose how often they want the images to be changed, too.

2016-04-11 16.05.49


Wallpapers for Me is an Android app that has a lot to offer those that know what they like to see on their devices, and aren’t afraid to spend the time finding it. There are lots of wallpaper apps already available on Android, so you might be wondering what makes this one any different? Well, it’s the small things, mostly. The large previews for each wallpaper and the ability to simply swipe left and right to get a new image works really well, and setting a wallpaper is really easy, too. It would be nice to get a little more information about all the different wallpapers that are on offer, but for sheer ease of use and such, Wallpapers for Me is hard to beat.


  • Speed (4/5) – It’s super-easy to find a new wallpaper with Wallpapers for Me and the app runs nice and smoothly.
  • Theme (4/5) – While many of the wallpapers on offer here all look great, there are more than a few that sort of buck the trend and look a little different than the category would suggest, which can be an issue overall.
  • Features (4/5) – With so many wallpaper apps available on Android, it can be difficult to see what makes this one so different, but the ability to quickly swipe left and right and get a larger preview of a particular wallpaper can make all of the difference.
  • Overall (4/5) – A solid app, Wallpapers for Me is a refreshing take on how a wallpaper app needs to look and feel on Android. It’s got a great variety of content on offer and is super-easy to use work with.


  • Large preview helps to show what a wallpaper might look like without having to set the wallpaper before.
  • Neatly separates different themes and styles into different categories to make it easy for users to find exactly what it is that they’re looking for.
  • Dynamic wallpaper option allows users to experience a lot of what Wallpapers for Me has on offer throughout their day.
  • Great way of finding the perfect wallpaper to match whatever widgets you like.


  • Pop-ups appear asking users to try out other apps at some of the most annoying times.
  • Doesn’t offer any description or background behind the wallpapers.

Wallpapers for Me is a simple, easy-to-use and refreshing wallpaper app for Android. It does away with an overly-complicated appearance and user interface and instead focuses on making it easy to choose and set your desired wallpaper. It all looks good and there’s a lot of different wallpapers on offer, which makes this one of the more refreshing wallpaper apps out there, and one that should definitely be thought of by those looking for some customization.