Sponsored App Review: Radarbot-Speed Traps USA


Radarbot-Speed Traps USA is an Android app that focuses on providing drivers with a comprehensive database of local and national speed cameras to aid in avoiding costly fines and fees from speeding. The app’s goal is to help drivers avoid fines and gaining points against their driving record and is not meant to assist in finding areas where it’s ok to exceed the speed limit. It offers a fairly decent list of features with an easy to navigate user interface. With integration of maps and updated speed camera coverage, let’s see if Radarbot is capable of doing what it was designed to do.

Before you can get started with Radarbot-Speed Traps USA, you’ll need to head to the Play Store and download the app and install it, after which users will be able to start locating speed cameras around their local area.


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Upon opening the application users will be asked to select the country where they’ll be using the app. Radarbot supports and has been tested in the U.S., the UK, Australia, Brazil, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Italy, and France. After the country is selected, the app will update the database with the correct information for speeds camera locations.

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With the app open, Radarbot will display how fast users are driving at the top of the user interface and above the map. When users are about to exceed the speed limit Radarbot can alert the driver so they can safely slow down to the limit in that area.

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Radarbot includes a rendering system in either 2D or 3D augmented reality which essentially lets the user see buildings and landmarks rendered in 3D when they zoom in close enough on the map.


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The app integrates with GPS navigators so it’s not only able to alert the driver to speed limit warnings but it can also feed navigation alerts.

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Radarbot boasts the ability to detect and display speed cameras of any type including fixed speed cameras, red light cameras, mobile speed cameras, tunnel speed cameras and more, and updates to the database are made daily so that users always have the most recent speed camera location information.

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In addition to being able to alert drivers when they’re exceeding the speed limit, it also alerts the driver to when they’re within the range of a speed camera with a sound warning, and users are able to set the distance parameters for when they receive the alerts. For motorbike riders, the app replaces sound warnings with vibration alerts. While an internet connection is required to see the map on the screen, the app will still show speed camera locations on the display even without internet.


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Although an app like Radarbot is not one that I would personally use on a daily basis for my own personal needs, I can see the benefit in having something like this at your disposal especially if you drive often enough and are worried about speed cameras. The app offers up quite a few features and was designed to accommodate both drivers of motor vehicles and riders of motorbikes while being able to provide sound warnings and alerts or vibration alerts for the correct user. Radarbot may not cover everywhere, but it does cover a decent selection of countries. The application interface is set up in such a way that things are easy to see and it's nice that users have some control over how things are configured from the distance from speed cameras before getting an alert to choosing a 2D or 3D rendering system for the maps.


  • Speed (4/5) – The app loaded up quickly enough without any issues of lag. It never once crashed or stalled
  • Theme (4/5) –  The app could benefit from a visual update to the UI, but in its current state it's still very much easy to use and navigate
  • Features (4/5) – Radarbot does just what it says and really gives just enough features for its intended purpose
  • Overall (4/5) – Although Radarbot may not be as beneficial to those who are not on the road often, it does offer up a nice database of speed cameras for the times that users are in the vehicle and want to be aware of their locations


  • Displays speed cameras without an internet connection
  • 2D and 3D rendering options for maps
  • Detects various types of speed cameras
  • sound warnings when in proximity of speed cameras
  • Alerts for exceeding the speed limit


  • Doesn't support immersive mode, but it does support landscape mode now which is a huge benefit

When it comes down to it, Radarbot has plenty to offer if you want to be in the know about speed camera locations. It operates in multiple countries and has a database that's updated often with support for more than just standard speed cameras which helps to make it more efficient and useful. It's definitely more beneficial to users who are in the car or on the bike every single day, but even for those that aren't the app should be able to do its job when users are behind the wheel.