App Review: iPlum Global Number Call SMS (Sponsored)


iPlum is an Android app that aims to bring the world to you, by offering free or very low cost international calls and text using just WiFi, 4G or 3G data. With iPlum, users can make phone calls to anywhere in the world using their international call or text credits and everything is done through the one Android app making it nice and simple to use for all users. iPlum also offers users a US phone number, including whatever Area Code they want, which makes iPlum an app that professionals and businesses can use to separate and keep their personal number private and help International businesses provide local confidence to their customers. So, let's take a look and see what iPlum has to offer, shall we?

Users will first need to download iPlum from the Play Store, which will then ask for some simple information regarding signing up.


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There's a little extra information required for new users, but it's nothing major, and all in-app purchases are done through the Play Store, so there's no need to divulge your bank information over to a third-party.

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iPlum then offers new users a decent and easy-to-follow introduction into what the app has on offer.

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The US number costs $1 a month, but considering how easy iPlum makes it to set one of these numbers up, including the ability to choose an area code by State, this doesn't seem like too bad a price at all.


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Of course, having a US phone number is something that those in the US – the app is designed in California – will appreciate, but making international calls is where iPlum comes in handy for more personal uses, and checking the rates of how much a call will cost is as simple as searching for an area code.

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There are over 200 different countries that iPlum will allow users to connect to, and the rates are drastically cheaper than those from a traditional network operator, and everything is done from within the app, with just the need of a data connection.

iPlum Calling

This also applies to text messaging as well, all of the text messages are securely kept locked away in the iPlum app, and you can send text messages to whomever you want, no matter where they are in the world.


iPlum messaging

Composing a text message looks good, and the app itself makes this a fairly attractive process overall.

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As we can see, iPlum has a distinctive look and feel thanks to the colors used, but the icon style and such could be considered a little too much like an iOS app for some.

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A key feature of iPlum and its reliance on a data connection, is that businesses and users can turn their Android tablet into a smartphone. This means that iPlum will allow all the same sort of messaging and calling features it does on smartphones on tablets, making it a great app for those looking to make better use of an Android tablet.


iPlum tablet

iPlum is not an app that has a revolutionary idea to sell to people, this sort of thing has been done by other apps and companies before, but that's not a problem, as iPlum forges its own path. It ticks all the same boxes as many other apps, but it does this with a more friendly appearance and a much easier-to-follow user interface. Everything is neatly arranged and the app does look very nice. With international calling and messaging available to over 200 different countries, iPlum is a traveler's best friend, and it will be a great app for traveling salesmen to use and it makes it super-easy to save money on your monthly cellular bill, by keeping roaming charges at bay. Add in the ability to own a US phone number from any State you like, iPlum covers all the bases for both personal use as well as more business-oriented uses.


  • Speed (4/5) – iPlum is only ever limited by the speed of your data connection, and the app itself is nice and speedy.
  • Theme (4/5) – The distinctive colors and easy-to-use interface all work well with the overall iPlum branding, but there will be some that feel this looks too much like an iOS app.
  • Features (5/5) – This is the sort of app that has been available for some time in the Play Store, but iPlum goes one step further and makes everything super-simple to use as well as accessible and easy to understand.
  • Overall (4.5/5) – iPlum is well worth considering, no matter if you're traveling on your own, looking to get a business line without the hassle or just looking to save some money phoning home. It works well, looks good and ticks all the right boxes.


  • Makes good use of Android tablets by turning them into international roaming devices, and with the US number included they can become tools of the office quite easily.
  • Offers users free international calls and text messaging to over 200 different countries around the world.
  • Helps users save huge amounts on their monthly phone bills with relative ease.
  • Good look and feel will help the app seem modern and approach to a lot of new users.


  • No way of testing a US number for free to see how it works. However, you can call external numbers from iPlum app, even without getting an iPlum number.
  • Despite its good look and feel it might seem too much like an iOS app for some.

All-in-all, iPlum ticks a huge amount of boxes in big red ink, and it's something that a lot of people will find a lot of uses for. What I like about iPlum is that it doesn't try to be too business-y in its look and feel or too far the other way. This has great uses for businesses as well as those looking to save money phoning home or traveling around the world and wanting to keep people in the loop. An excellent way of saving money on your monthly cellular bill, iPlum can offer users a lot of value and peace of mind all at the same time.