Sponsored App Review: Hybrid Stopwatch & Timer


Hybrid Stopwatch & Timer is an Android app that gives users a simple and free stopwatch and timer app that offers users all the timekeeping attributes they need on their mobile device. It allows users to create as many preset timers as they like and name them for all sorts of occasions depending on what it is they need. For those tracking lap times the app makes it nice and easy to record a lap as well as see – on the real time timer view –  the last lap with a different marker. For a free and easy to use app, Hybrid Stopwatch & Timer might be the one thing that people need to have on their Android phones, so let's take a closer look at it in action.

As with most Android apps, it's best to download Hybrid Stopwatch & Timer from the Play Store. It's a completely free app, but it is supported by ads here and there. The default view – unsurprisingly – is the main stopwatch view.


2016-04-14 16.22.48

Hitting the start button will get a timer going, and one thing I liked about the overall look and feel here was that the five-second gaps are neatly arranged and when you hit the lap button in the bottom-left, there's a mark that's added to the smartwatch which allows users to quickly see the previous time and judge it there and then, much like professional stopwatches. Lap times can be compared in the laps screen as well, these times are realistic of course, but it gets the point across.

2016-04-14 16.26.31


We can see that now, the overall look and feel of the app has changed, and that's because Hybrid Stopwatch & Timer offers up a number of different themes for users to change through. The list is quite extensive really, and almost makes me forgive the app for being the more dated Holo style instead of today's Material Design.

2016-04-14 16.25.30

This is not just a stopwatch app however, and Hybrid Stopwatch & Timer can be used as a timer app, to help you do whatever you need to do in a certain time period, these presets can be changed to however long you want and they can even be renamed. So someone like myself might make a timer to make sure they make a perfect pot of coffee (seriously, I have a problem).


2016-04-14 16.25.57

You can have as many of these timer presets as you like, and they're all easily-accessed from another menu, too.

2016-04-14 16.26.03


Hybrid Stopwatch & Timer is a good-looking app overall, and for something that's completely free, there's a lot of value on offer, and it makes a lot of sense to give it a try, especially if you're in need of a stopwatch for sports work, that will also do the job elsewhere, too.

Timer Landscape

It might seem silly to download a stopwatch app from the Play Store when your phone most certainly comes with one, but for those out there looking for a familiar look and feel to an oldschool stopwatch, this is one of the few apps that has that. It's completely free as well, so there's no reason not to give it a try, even if the fullscreen ads when resetting your stopwatch can be a little annoying. The ability to see your laps nice and clearly as well as name timers whatever the hell you want is great, and the myriad of different color themes are appreciated as well. It's a simple app, and there's no denying that, but where this excels is by offering people all of the best and most-common features in a fairly good-looking free Android app. And there's just not enough of those around these days.



  • Speed (4/5) – Hybrid Stopwatch & Timer runs brilliantly and there are no hiccups when going from the different screens and such.
  • Theme (4/5) – I would have liked to see a Material Design look and feel here, but with a lot of different themes to choose from, it's easy to forgive this.
  • Features (4/5) – It's a simple Android app that gets the job done, and one that offers players a lot of different features and the ability to mark laps down and use their phone in a familiar way to an actual stopwatch.
  • Overall (4/5) –  The ads might be annoying to some, but this is a completely free app that does everything most people will be looking for and it does so in a way that's attractive and even a little customizable.


  • Feels like you're using an actual stopwatch, rather than a simple Android app.
  • Lots of different theme options will help athletes tailor the look to their style, much like their equipment and such.
  • Allows users to create a number of different presets with different names and whatever times they like.
  • Quick and easy view to let people see their different lap times will be appreciated in the field.


  • Some of the ads might put some people off.
  • Could do with updating to a Material Design look and feel to feel a little more modern.

Overall, Hybrid Stopwatch & Timer is one of the few Android apps out there that does what it says it does for free. Sure, there are ads but these only appear every now and then and the developer is totally upfront about it. With a myriad of different themes on offer as well as some nice features, this gets the job done and will help people looking for a solid solution without having to pay for it or rely on the built-in app on your phone.