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Horoscope & Love Compatibility is a free Android app that hopes to bring the truth of their daily, weekly, monthly and yearly horoscopes to all the different star signs out there. More than that however, this will offer curious users a free report on their love compatibility with other star signs as well as give them the option to share and comment on posts and even ask people for advice, too. As a free app, this has all the horoscope information as well as some love compatibility features built-in, so let's take a look and see what the app has to offer, shall we?

As with all other Android apps, curious astrologers can download Horoscope & Love Compatibility from the Play Store. Once installed, they can go ahead and launch the app right away, but they will need to either log in or sign up to use the app. With Google+ and Facebook login options, it's pretty easy to get up and running.


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Once signed up, there are a number of different categories for people to choose from, including the horoscopes as well as the compatibility feature, too.

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One of the main attractions of Horoscope & Love Compatibility for a lot of people will be the love compatibility feature, which just asks users to choose two different star signs to get started.

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For whatever reason however, I was unable to get this to work, after putting in a Pisces and a Pisces into the generator, I was given this as a result, which doesn't actually tell me anything:


2016-04-18 08.12.07

Disappointingly, I was unable to see just what the result was, but otherwise there's a lot on offer here in Horoscope & Love Compatibility, such as the daily horoscopes:

2016-04-18 08.14.05


There are also views for weekly, monthly and yearly horoscopes as well as the daily view, which will cover mose bases for a lot of people.

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More than just a simple horoscope app however, Horoscope & Love Compatibility includes a number of social features, such as groups, where people of the same star sign and those looking to get answers to questions can chat with each other and such.


2016-04-18 08.29.57

There are notifications to work with as well, which let people know who has changed what or who has joined which group.

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With Horoscope & Love Compatibility, users have their own profile and they can share images and comments about themselves with others online, too.

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Horoscope & Love Compatibility has a lot of other features available, too including the ability to plan a birth chart.


Horoscope Birth Chart

It's clear that there's an audience for Horoscope & Love Compatibility and those that will be looking for an app like this will find a lot to love about this particular Android app, but it's not without it's problems. I came across quite a few stutters and general weirdness from the app, almost as if it was ported from the iPhone without much attention to Android. For those looking for the standard sort of horoscopes and such, this will more than get the job done, and the extras like the birth chart and such are a nice inclusion. Even so, I didn't see the excitement with the love compatibility and I couldn't even get it to work properly for me. All-in-all, it seems as though Horoscope & Love Compatibility is an app that tries a little too hard to appeal to everyone, which might not sound like a bad idea, but there's too much on offer here that's not done overly well. The core horoscope part of the app feels basic, for example, and there's too much going on and not enough focus on core features.


  • Speed (3/5) – With some general weirdness and a clunky interface Horoscope & Love Compatibility needs some work.
  • Theme (4/5) – The overall look and feel is okay here, but there could be some better fonts and such being used here, as they do clash the overall look.
  • Features (4/5) – Even if some parts of the app don't work as they should, there's a lot on offer with Horoscope & Love Compatibility and those looking for a Horoscope app that offers more than just the usual will find a lot to like about this app.
  • Overall (4/5) –  Despite some strange behavior here and there as well as some bugs, Horoscope & Love Compatibility is worth checking out if you're into this sort of thing.


  • Offers astrologers a way of finding out whether or not they're a match with a different star sign.
  • Offers daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly horoscopes for those looking ahead.
  • Birth chart is a nice addition that you might not find in other apps similar to Horoscope & Love Compatibility.
  • Gives users an opportunity to chat to other users and connect with other astrologists and such.


  • Has a full-screen app offer ad each time you choose a new category in the app.
  • Feels disjointed from one feature to another, and doesn't run all that smoothly, either.

Horoscope & Love Compatibility is the sort of Android app that I can see appealing to astrologers and fans of this sort of thing, but it's not overly easy to use and so new users might be put off. It has a lot on offer, but everything feels a little disjointed from one feature to another, but with more on offer than most other apps for completely free, this is worth trying out, and horoscope fans will probably find a lot to enjoy here.


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