Sponsored App Review: GPS Guide to the Hamptons

GPS Guide to the Hamptons

GPS Guide to the Hamptons is an Android app from the MotorCo company that has become known for their quality GPS guides to attractions and areas around the world – such as Disney World. This particular GPS guide is all about the Hamptons, the popular Long Island destination for New Yorkers as well as those from the East Coast. The GPS Guide to the Hamptons is the one app that will tell you what attractions are nearby to your Hotel, House, Apartment or Condo and will also allow people to explore what’s nearby in the area and learn a little more about the Hamptons itself, as well as what the area has to offer on the whole.

The GPS Guide to the Hamptons is a paid download from the Play Store. While that put some off, it’s reassuring to know that for just $1.00, there are no ads or pesky in-app purchases, something that few apps can promise these days. When users first open the app, they’ll see a huge list of popular attractions and such that the Hamptons has to offer.


GPS Guide to the Hamptons 01

To name but a few of the attractions that GPS Guide to the Hamptons has to offer; National Golf Links, Mr John’s Pancake House, Monogram Shop, Maidstone Golf Club, Dan Flavin Art Institute and a whole lot more. Thanks to the fact that GPS Guide to the Hamptons uses the GPS on your device whenever you’re viewing some sort of attraction, it will let you know what’s nearby, by listing how far away it is in km.

GPS Guide to the Hamptons 02


This neat little app can prove a real help for those that are staying in the Hamptons, but might not know the basic things such as where to find the best fruit and veg, which GPS Guide to the Hamptons neatly puts right for people:

GPS Guide to the Hamptons 03

There’s even the option to find somewhere to stay if you haven’t yet found anywhere to lay your head down.


GPS Guide to the Hamptons 04

All of these locations and establishments can be found by hitting the Google Maps icon to the left of the description, which puts these locations over the top of a live map.

GPS Guide to the Hamptons 05


This applies to every single location or establishment that is listed in the GPS Guide to the Hamptons which makes this a comprehensive and useful app for those looking to spend time in the Hamptons armed with local knowledge. A nice touch that’s present in all of MotorCo’s GPS is the option to use this on an Android tablet.

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With the realization that this can be used on all of your devices for the one price, that $1.00 price tag suddenly becomes a lot more attractive.


GPS Guide to the Hamptons 08

This is another great example of an Android app that can be useful for users looking to experience a part of the world without having to rely on lots of different websites or trapsing through Google Maps on its own. Instead, GPS Guide to the Hamptons makes it nice and easy for users to just take a look at the nearby attractions and quickly get directions to them. These GPS guides can be really handy for those that might not know the area, as each destination has a little description of what it has to offer. Sure, users can go ahead and use other websites in conjunction together, but this is one app that will help people learn a little more about what the area has to offer as well as familiarize themselves with how to get from A to B.


  • Speed (4/5) – GPS Guide to the Hamptons runs just fine, and it’s super-easy to find directions to a popular and well-known spot.
  • Theme (4/5) – Everything looks good in GPS Guide to the Hamptons and it’ll blend in nicely with practically any other Android device out there.
  • Features (4/5) – Clearly, this has a small target audience, but it’s one that will no doubt be underserved, and something like this goes a long way to making it easier than ever to spend time in the Hamptons, to know where places are and most importantly, know where you’re going.
  • Overall (4/5) – A solid app that will appeal to those in need of a little extra knowledge, GPS Guide to the Hamptons is a good-looking app that has a lot to offer, and will make life around the Hamptons that much easier.


  • One-off cost ensures offline use and no ads or any in-app purchases – ever.
  • Makes it nice and simple to find out where the popular places and restaurants are, without having to go from app-to-app or anything like that.
  • Simple shortcut to Google Maps makes GPS Guide to the Hamptons a great app to help people get from A to B without making another search.
  • Works well on tablets, giving those Android tablets one more use case.


  • Will only appeal to a small audience of users.
  • Those obsessed with TripAdvisor and such might miss the user reviews and user ratings.

GPS Guide to the Hamptons is an Android app that will appeal to those looking to make their own mind about where to go and where to head, but are also in need of a little extra help. It’s got all of the more well-known places and areas to look at, and it’s an affordable app that won’t keep pestering users for any extras or keep throwing any ads in their faces, either.