Snapchat Will Be The New Host Of MTV Cribs


Snoop Dogg. Mariah Carey. Melissa Joan Hart. If you were an avid pop culture fan with cable television in the early 2000s, you've most likely visited the homes of these stars and many others, seen every nook and cranny and perhaps even heard a detail or two about their bathing habits. Cribs was a way for common folk to have a look into the charmed lives that the Curtis Jacksons and Tony Hawks of the world lead. You could simply sit down on your couch, turn on the tube and find yourself in Rob Zombie's decked-out home. After running a follow-up episode with 50 Cent in 2015 as the first and only episode of season 13, the show met its maker and has sat dormant since.

MTV is planning on changing all of that in the very near future. Cribs is set to hit Snapchat's Discover channel as a short format show, said to be in a more intimate and personal form. What that could mean is open to interpretation; there is speculation that the camera could be held by the stars themselves, or the tours could focus more on the living and less on the living space. Whatever the case may be, the revival of the show is a rare sign of life from the old MTV and another in a set of moves by Snapchat to become a messaging platform, a gateway and a content provider all in one app.


An exact date was not listed, but reports say that you'll be able to wipe your feet on celebrity-owned welcome mats again some time in June. The show will be listed under Snapchat's Discover section, where users can explore the variety of content that Snapchat has amassed in recent years. Although the way the show will be presented has so far been left for users and industry watchers to speculate, the fact that it's set to be a part of Snapchat's media empire should speak volumes about the approach to the show's return. Whether you were the type to scoff at celebrities' excess, dream of owning the Cribs on the show yourself or you happen to be one of the celebrities featured and just want to see how your own episode turned out and what your friends' and costar's homes look like, keep an eye on the Discover channel of your Snapchat feed in June.

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