Snapchat Confirms It Gets 10 Billion Views Per Day

A report recently disclosed that Snapchat users watch up to 10 billion videos per day. Compared to Facebook, this number is 2 billion more than the numbers reported. Back in November, Snapchat counted about six billion videos viewed per day. It's surprising to see that just a few months later, the number has nearly doubled.

The report aims to show Snapchat investors of how well the app is doing. Apart from the number of videos being viewed per day, Snapchat also shared that it reaches a total of eight billion people on a daily basis. Snapchat attributes this to the fact that it keeps things fluid. A third of Snapchat users only post their content to the daily Stories feature, which ensures that their photos and videos are only viewable in 24 hours before it disappears. It is this very reason why Snapchat is so popular among millennials, public figures and even politicians. Considering it is mainly used by teenagers, the app is significantly used by these individuals.

Compared to Snapchat's biggest rivals Facebook and YouTube, the app has only been around for a few years. There's no denying that both of these websites have already amassed billions of videos, which they showcase to their users on a daily basis. It is important to remember however, that these two have been around for a longer period of time and are generally used by a wider range of people. Despite this, Snapchat continues to be a prominent figure in the industry; especially since its users easily share information and communicate with other people. Not to mention, Snapchat is capable of promoting easy-to-digest information to its users.

With all the support it's getting from its users, Snapchat has been able to raise up to $16 billion. According to Snapchat executives, they currently have over 100 million users daily who spend around 25 to 30 minutes on the app. This is perhaps the biggest reason why Snapchat has been able to grow its service slowly but surely. With numbers like these, it's very clear that Snapchat is indeed doing something right. And as they continue, this number could only keep growing.

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