Slide The Shakes Lets You Toss Milkshakes Down The Bar

Casual and arcade games can be pretty great just for the fact that they a lot of times are simple to play, but more so because they usually end up being addictive. Slide the Shakes may or may not fall into that category for you personally, but if you enjoy easy-going games that focus on high scores and simple gameplay controls, this may be worth checking out. It's a fairly straightforward title with little complexity but loads of fun and plenty of levels to play through to keep you occupied, especially if you prefer casual games to those with a more immersive nature that require more attention.

Slide the Shakes has no tutorial to walk you through the gameplay as it isn't needed, it simply starts things off by displaying on screen what you do to slide the shake down the counter top. The goals are simple, as you're trying to slide the shake across the bar top to the correct location, which is labeled by a green highlighted area on the bar. You will need to slide the shake just right so it hits this area three separate times to move onto the next stage, which sounds easier than it looks at first but once you play for a minute or two it'as easy to get the hang of things.

Sliding is as easy as pulling back by wiping your finger across the screen from right to left, and as you pull back to slide the shake you'll see a colored arrow which changes depending on the amount of power you're giving the slide. If you give it too much power you'll end up sliding the shake off of the end of the bar and the glass will break. If you don't slide it with enough power you'll end up not making it far enough to the intended area. There are more than 125 levels to complete, different shake types to unlock through game progression and more, and although the main draw of the game is gameplay, of course, as any game should be, it also contains interesting facts about milkshakes which some gamers might find intriguing. Slide the Shakes is free to play, and it does have IAPs but they are optional.

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