Shazam Now Keeps History Synced Across Devices


When Shazam first launched, the idea of being able to get an app to listen to a song and figure out what it was seemed like a pretty big deal. That was oh-so-2008, but as it turns out using the service to find out the name and artist of a track currently-playing is still something that people use the app for more than anything else, no matter how hard Shazam wants to make TV ads interesting again. For some time now, Shazam has offered users a way of signing up for their own account and getting access to the "My Shazam" part of the service, but it's only just become useful.

Shazam is quite obviously both a noun as well as a verb these, not unlike the act of telling someone to "Google it", and the new app description confirms as much by saying that "you can now keep your Shazams safe and in sync between all your devices. Just log in and we’ll back them up to your account". This is of particular use for those that either flash custom ROMs on their phones, obsessively factory reset their devices far too often, or just swap phones a lot, as those Shazammed songs will be fully-restored upon login. Another change joining this new addition is – at long last – the ability to delete Shazams as well, which makes it nice and simple to keep your list of Shazammed songs clean, and well, representative of someone that actually has good taste in music…maybe.


These sort of changes are of course fairly minor, and will no doubt appeal only to those that are big users of the app and service, but they're also the sort of changes that should have been added a long time ago. Syncing the songs between devices is something people that use their tablet in the living room and their phones while out and about will enjoy, and it makes it easier than ever to remember who that new artist you saw live on TV or caught a snippet off on the radio. If you've yet to give Shazam a try, now seems as good a time as any to get started, so click the button below to give it a whirl.

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