SeatGeek Updated To Version 6.0, Adds 'Sell Tickets' Feature


There are now a number of apps which look to make mobile devices more useful. For those who like to regularly hit up live events including concerts and sports events, then SeatGeek is an app you are probably already familiar with. After all this is an app which looks to make the purchasing of tickets a significantly easier one. As well as a more affordable one by looking to secure tickets for you at the best prices possible. Well, it seems the app is getting an update today and one which brings with it quite a decent new feature.

In terms of the latest update to SeatGeek, this update looks to bring about a major change in the way in which you make use of your tickets. More especially, the ability to not only buy your tickets through the app, but also to sell your tickets through the app. Making SeatGeek a one stop solution to tickets, whether buying or selling. The app seems to do much of the work for you and especially when you have purchased the tickets through the app to begin with. Once the app understands you have tickets in your possession, the app offers a "Sell" tab at the bottom of you ticket listing under "My Tickets" and when clicked, will essentially produce the entire listing for you including suggestive prices. At which point you can just hit the list tickets option and you are good to go, with your tickets now officially on sale to the public via the SeatGeek Marketplace.


While this might not be a feature for everyone it will certainly come in handy when specific situations occur. So if you do buy a set of tickets and someone cannot make the event for whatever reason, the app does make it significantly easy to relist the tickets for sale once again. In terms of the actual update, this is one which brings the Android version up to 6.0 and the update is now listed as live on the Google Play Store. So if you already have the app installed on your device, you should see it arrive soon enough. If you have yet to give SeatGeek a try but would like to check out the new sell feature, as well as the rest of the app's features including the ability to buy tickets, then you can download the app by heading through the link below.


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