Samsung's Creative Officer on Why VR is So Important


Something interesting has been happening to Samsung over the past few years. They've transformed from a brand that seems purely interested into selling as much of everything as they can to a brand that has not only some of the best products available, but also a brand in its own right. With changes at the top and some key new hires, Samsung is looking ahead to the future, and products like the Gear VR say as much. Virtual Reality is something that Samsung clearly feels is important, beyond just selling inexpensive headsets or locking people into a Galaxy S handset. Adweek spent time with Samsung's Chief Creative Officer on why Virtual Reality is so important.

Jesse Coulter has been part of Samsung for less than a year now, but already sounds as though he knows where Samsung is heading and what's good for the company over all. Coulter says that VR "represents the next frontier of storytelling" which is a pretty big statement to come out with, but considering the experiences that virtual reality affords people, it's something that's starting to ring true. After all, there's a reason that Google is using Cardboard in the classroom and partnering with the likes of GoPro. Speaking of partnerships, Coulter says that Samsung has "an important role to play" in developing the new medium and that through collaborations with the likes of 20th Century Fox and the Wall Street Journal, they're making progress.


Right now, Samsung's Gear VR solution does have a lot of content available, through their own Milk VR app as well as other apps like Vrse and Oculus Video, but the headset only works with a select set of expensive Samsung devices. This is why when Coulter says that Samsung wants to "democratize VR" it doesn't quite add up. Right now, the Gear VR content on offer is of course designed for the displays they offer, but without offering Milk VR or other Samsung-backed content portals to other devices, how can they hope to democratize it? Regardless, Samsung has certainly helped make virtual reality a lot more mainstream and more people than ever before are aware of such a technology and what it could mean for the future.

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