Samsung's C-Lab Has 5 Prototypes In Store For SDC 2016


Samsung Electronics will host a new developer conference (SDC 2016) at the Moscone West Center in San Francisco starting April 27th. The event will end one day later on April 28, and throughout the day, Samsung will discuss various aspects of the industry, exchange ideas, and explore new possibilities. Excitingly enough, the company recently announced that its innovation program known as "C-Lab" will also unveil a number of prototype products at the event, including the LiCon application and a new version of the Entrim 4D headset for VR users.

Samsung Electronics' C-Lab is an innovation program that allows the company's employees to explore new concepts, think outside the box, and come up with creative business ideas. Excitingly enough, Samsung's C-Lab branch will unveil some of its latest prototypes at the upcoming Samsung Developer Conference, and according to a new press release, at least five interesting and unique products will be detailed by April 28. This includes LiCon – an application that allows users to connect to, and gain control of multiple Internet of Things (IoT) devices via a smartphone's camera. Users can take pictures of an IoT device and the application will then utilize "vision-based recognition" to identify the product and connect it to the smartphone. Another prototype product will be Ahead, which takes the form of a communication device for bikers, skiers, and generally speaking, people who wear helmets. The device uses oscillators to create a surround sound effect, so unlike conventional earbuds or headphones, it doesn't block background noise. Moving on, Samsung also announced that a new version of the Entrim 4D headset will be showcased at SDC 2016. It's called the Entrim 4D+, and much like the Entrim 4D unveiled at the South by Southwest festival, the headset uses Galvanic Vestibular Stimulation to send electric messages to a specific nerve in the ear, synchronizing the wearer's body with movements in virtual reality environments and thus minimizing motion sickness.


Last but not least, Samsung's C-Lab will also showcase AMe – a necklace wearable equipped with three individual cameras capable of recording 360-degree videos in 4K resolution – and a smartwatch application for kids, called ItsyWatch, designed to make daily activities, such as exercising or brushing teeth, more enjoyable. Until the prototypes hit the spotlight, you can get a sense of what they are all about from the image gallery below.

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